Lionel New Announcement "LionScale" Model Trains

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Lionel talks about their New product “LionScale” on TrainWorldTV

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Gary Bartha says:

What about o gauge 027 trains???

William Kelly says:

America 🇺🇸 🇺🇲made

Dk W says:

So what is LionScale ?????? Thought scale meant size ???

steamerthesteamtrain says:

It will be a snow day in hell before we get an inhouse Steam locomotive.

Giovanni LaPlante Tv TUBE. says:

Wow.I love Lionel.

Alex H says:

I love what they are doing with this! I am planning on buying some in the later part of the year!

Nick Doresky says:

It's nice that the old weaver tooling is being reused.

loveoldmovies says:

I keep waiting for Lionel to finally offer their engines and cars in 2 rail. It's a shame their high end engines only run on 3 rail toy train track.

CTTA The Canadian Toy Train Association says:

Sounds good to me ! And with a price just over $50, they should sell well. Good news too that they'll be making Weaver compatible replacement trucks available. Bring on some Canadian roadname rolling stock ! Kyle Miller for CTTA.

Railfan Kyle says:

Nice Lionel has Weaver Tooling. I love the Weaver Cars

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