Realistic Scenic Trees – Basic Wire Armatures & Bark Sculpting

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In this part of the realistic tree series, we’ll be covering how to make basic wire armatures for your trees and sculpting the bark texture on the trunk.

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IRONMAN000 says:

What’s the green board you work on called? Where do you find those?

Hedgehog hero says:

Would air dried clay work? Great video mate!

Ebenezer Scrooge says:

Yet another great video for $1 per month.

Bruce Jennings says:

I can't seem to find the video that would explain how to paint these, and how to create the bases. Thanks!

David Field Films says:

This is so clearly explained and demonstrated. Superb.

Keith Askey says:

Bloody spellchecker

Keith Askey says:

‘Pea’ obviously

Keith Askey says:

Can you use plaster/pea or would it crack?

Silent Traveler says:

Total Awesomeness

Santiago Zuniga says:

Is this technique also good for making large trees?

Luiz Marques says:

Could I use Italian DAS instead of Milliput to hold the wire?

Андрей Зайнулин says:

Say and paste for modeling You can use

Victor Wallace says:

"Just give'em a good fingering down" lmao best thing you have said so far lmao

Lee Marchant says:

Hi, thanks for all the videos!
How does clay do for wrapping the wire?

MrMarbolous says:

Hej Mel,
I really like your tutorials 🙂 Thanks for all the inspirations, tips and techniques.
One quick (maybe dumb) question: For that tree you used 15*20cm = 3,00m ( +/- some inches 😉 ), right?

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