Model Railway Train Track Plans -Mind-Blowing Big Model Trains Around The Christmas Tree (and throughout the whole house!)

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Model Railway Track Plan Tips That You Must Know

The Most Useful Model Railway Track Plan Tips.

8957717310_73d2c2739c_m_model-railroadProbably the most challenging model railway track plans are to produce every thing based around a theme. You can decide on a large number of different themed styles to stick to and create. You can recreate a specific time period from history. Some of the most popular to produce are the golden era from the eighteen hundreds which usually see the train going through little outlying towns and communities.

315011316_df80d344e3_m_model-railroadThere are a large number of model train track plans. But these model railway track plans are usually categorized into 2 types: the continuous run styles as well as the modular variations.

11823079954_3cac1d911e_m_model-trainWhen I first began with model railway trains, the only way to design the model train track back then was to painstakingly draw them all out manually. This meant any mistakes needed to be removed or scribbled out and redone. This was somewhat of a hit and miss approach which took an awfully very long time and a lot of ability to get right. The issue was that even if you have drawn everything you believed are great plans, they wouldn’t always work out flawlessly in real life and adjustments needed to be made simply because you’d made an error in your design.

3063230486_a39f2b4388_m_model-railroadFast forward to the present day and this whole process has become a whole lot simpler by using professional software, which are made for the function to assist you with creating your model train track plans. In case you are not technical, don’t worry as these may range from quite simple bits of point and click software programs, right up to much more detailed bits of equipment if that is what you are considering.

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ra3Want To Know About Model Railway Track Planning? Read This.
Computer systems have changed the way you go about everyday tasks and have made our lives a lot simpler and much easier in lots of ways. You may not have originally thought about utilizing a computer for creating your model train track plans, but specialized computer software will make the whole process much quicker and easier too.

When you have finished designing your model railway track plans on the computer, some software packages will even go so far as to enabling you to figure out a detailed parts lists that you can then take to your hobby store and buy. This solves needing to work this out on your own, which is a very time-consuming process. The program can even be capable ofcalculating the estimated costs for you, so you can work out what you can achieve with your particular spending budget.

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6294990652_baa2b5538a_model-railwayGet Started In Model Railway Track Plan Today With This Advice.
5979353898_5e1e5d487a_m_model-trainUsing your computers mouse as you would to produce the model railway track plans to begin with, it is just a case of dragging and dropping components from your list onto you design plans and arranging them as you want. It’s also possible to test out things in different colours, if you wanted to produce an autumn forest landscape, you can shade all of them with pinks, purples and yellowsyellows and reds.

101825964_6bddb435fa_m_model-railway-stations*A folded eight track: This is among the most popular model railway track plans. This plan has a single track which operates around two ovals. You can try to run 2 trains on this track but you have to make sure that they will not crash.

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track15* A main line terminus: This is one of the much more intricate model train track plans. This plan allows the train that is leaving the station to choose any track via the two crossovers points. It also enables the incoming train to choose one of the 4 platforms which are an integral part of this design. Besides these additionally, it includes a loop siding intended for locomotives, carriages and coaches

4661550012_a5318b0f33_m_model-railroadTips And Tricks For Model Railway Track Planning

4812083396_453d9db2f0_m_model-railway* A circular track with sidings and branches: This is one of the simplest model railway track plans. When you are a novice within the train modelling world this track plan is the best for yourself.|Within this plan you can run your train inside a clockwise path. The sidings are then available to receive the trains coaches on one part and it also has a goods terminus on the other side.

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6919936860_8d1044646a_m_model-railroadGet Started In Model Railway Track Plan With These Simple Tips.
* A terminus with a branch line: This track strategy will make you nostalgic as it was used for steam loco’s. But this is among the most interesting model train track plans. You can easily include two trains and also freight trains in this model design. Along with a goods engine shed, a loading bay several platforms as well as a run around loop which can make this track much more exciting.

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4449288969_192fe8c3f2_m_model-railroadModel Railway Track Plan Tips That You Must Know

When two train fanatics with an empty nest set up model trains for Christmas, the layout isn’t limited to just around the tree. It ends up taking over the whole house!

Featured in the video is a Piko-brand Christmas train set… comprised of a Piko 38215 locomotive, 38615/38616/38635 passenger cars, and 38642 caboose… purchased from

There are also various LGB g-scale model trains running on the tracks.

Most of the video was shot with a DJI Osmo motion-stabilized video camera.

Music credit:
“Deck the Halls” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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