Part 4: On3 D+RGW Layout Construction by Lex Parker

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Discussion about scenery building, handlaying track and backdrop painting techniques.


Cowboy Valley & Timberline Jct. RR says:

Lex…..after watching 20 or 30…(I've lost count), of your videos….I do believe you're more an artist than modeler. And far better at both than I could ever hope to be. Kudos!

KnightTrain 1957 says:

Did you find that when you used plaster of paris for your rock molds that you lost some of the detail?

GandZscale says:

Some of the best scenery on a layout I've seen.  Amazing stuff.

Ed McCamey says:

VERY well done!

mrhearse777 says:

How does one man get all this talent? I could hate him if he wasn't a genius

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