Four layouts in one: The Jarrettsville VFC Holiday Train Display

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Holiday “Train Gardens” as they are known are a Maryland tradition, and the Jarrettsville’s Volunteer Fire Company may just have the largest. This massive setup consists of four layouts, and features trains running in G scale, O gauge, S gauge, On30, HO, HOn3, N scale, and even Z scale!


VectrexRoli says:

Beautiful video and layout! Why is the light flickering? Seems like the camera isnยดt in sync with the 60Hz power used in the US.

Rabeth Cooper says:

I've lived near Butler MD all my life and never knew about the Jarrettsville Fire Co train displays! I used to take my kids to the elaborate train garden at the Kenilworth Mall, which sadly no longer exists. But I think I'll be taking my grandson on a little trip to Jarrettsville this year!

Laurent Daudelin says:

Fantastic! They're just amazing!

Robert Conner says:

WOW! Really cool! or HOT… because of all the fires. really wish I could see it in person.

Yumpin Yiminy says:

Great job guys and some unusual effects.

Spanky Harland says:

nice, but now they have to park the fire truck outside…….


Super layouts oh do you have an address to put on your site, so people can help with money for the Trains and Fire Dept.

Randy Chadwick says:

I have got to stop by and see this. This looks fantastic. And I live in Northeast PA.

Judith Nathanson says:

My husband and I will definitely visit this wonderful attraction and donate to its upkeep. Firemen really ARE super heroes! Thanks for postingโฃ๏ธ

Robert Allen says:

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL LAYOUTS, and for those who gave your vid a thumbs down, they're just JEALOUS they dont have the talent to build a layout like all of you can!!!

toni says:

don't know why but grown men just love this chit and i am one of them

Jeff E. says:

Absolutely magnificent ! Job well done. I remember a train platform from my childhood. (I'm 63 now) Keep up the great work. Much appreciated !!!

Garnele 81 says:

AWESOME!!! So much details… Pretty cool!!!

Joshua Game Time says:

Thanks John Sampson for fixing one of my trains!

nscalefun says:

AWESOME!!!!! Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

Kathy simon says:

Great vid, thanks for sharing this :-))

Jeff Bennett says:

Awesome train layouts!!!

tom ryan says:

Where are you guys located?

unknown soldier says:

Great video like always merry Christmas!!!!

sparky107107 says:

you should add a map that people can click on, see how close they are, so they can come and see this. I am sure i am too far away. but many might be close

Loggin' Locos says:

My brother-in-law volunteers for this station. And what a great layout!!

Meeper5 says:

Nice images how annoying it would be to take that down every year

Ni Oxx says:

Fantastic layouts and approach to model railroading.

Striker says:


Randy's Rock and Roll Railroad Mccarter says:

Now that's cool, thanks for sharing

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