Rockville – 100% Oxygen Free Copper Wiring Kits – RWK 0,4,8 Gauge CU

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Maximum Power!
Looking for a wire kit that has 100% true specifications? A wire kit that uses 100% copper (0,4,8)-gauge cable? Then look no further than the Rockville True-Spec RWK(0,4,8)-CU (0,4,8) Gauge Amplifier Wiring Installation Kit. This package includes everything you’ll need to get your amplifier system powered-up correctly and at peak efficiency. All items included in this kit are top of the line.

Some manufactures use all aluminum or mix a little copper with aluminum to give their cables the appearance of a “heavy-duty” cable. But not Rockville, our True-Spec 100% oxygen free, silver tinned copper eliminates corrosion, increases current transfer x 10, and won’t discolor over time.

The superior quality and materials of the Rockville 100% True-Spec amplifier installation kit is realized in the included accessories and cable workmanship. Included is a precision CNC cut full size ANL fuse housing, machined from solid brass and then 14K gold plated for superior signal transfer and complete with a matching gold plated 120-amp ANL fuse. The power cable is wrapped in 6 feet of durable nylon braided tubing to protect it from heat and chafing in the engine compartment. All installation accessories such as the ring terminals and spade connectors are nickel plated for superior signal transfer and durability.

The speaker cable included in the Rockville True-Spec is also manufactured from 100% copper and woven in to a flat planner design and coated in our Super-Flex insulation so that it fits under and around your vehicles trim and carpet smoothly and without bulking up. With crystal clear sound quality these speaker cables deliver true audio fidelity from your car audio amplifier to your speakers. The 14-gauge speaker cable included in the 4-gauge kit can handle over 2000 watts of power without heating up or degrading signal quality.

Designed and engineered to be the best sounding, best performing and best looking RCA cables available today. Each channel in the RCA cable is triple shielded first with dielectric internal insulators and then with a 98% coverage woven shield. All cables are manufactured of 100% oxygen free copper and feature twisted pair technology for superior noise rejection and pure sonic signal flow. The RCA plugs are shielded metal and feature a spiral cut outer ground ring with center split pin for precise and tight audio connections. The result of all this technology is noise free-noise rejection signal transfer for optimum sound quality. You will hear the difference these RCA signal transfer cables will make.

Amplifier Kit Key Features:
Rockville RWK4CU 4 Gauge 2 Channel Complete Car Amplifier Installation Kit 100% Pure Copper RCA Cables
(0,4,8) Gauge Power Amplifier Installation Kit
Designed specifically for car audio systems over 1000 watts RMS to 2000 Watts
Made from silver-tinned 100% virgin copper for a pure uninterrupted transfer of power and signal
The solid brass gold plated Mini ANL Fuse Holder offers ideal protection for high powered systems
Strand Count: 1862
BC-5W2 Compliant

Kit includes:
17 ft. Frosted Blue (0,4,8) gauge power wire with seamless crimp ring terminal
3 ft. Frosted Gray (0,4,8) gauge ground wire
17 ft. Blue 18 gauge remote lead wire
25 ft. Frosted Clear/Blue 14 gauge flat speaker wire
17 ft. Triple shielded twisted pair RCA cables
One Mini ANL Fuse Holder with 120 amp ANL fuse
One 1/2“ black rubber firewall grommet
One 4 gauge spade terminal
Two black 12 gauge nickel-plated spade lugs
Three blue 12 gauge nickel-plated spade lugs
One black 4 gauge ring terminal
Ten 6” black zip ties


BassManBobBassCovers says:

just learned what oxygen free wires are from Ricer Miata

Ugk 345 says:

Can u do reviews on headunits

as3kone says:

Do you guys carry 50' spools of ofc wire

budyjames77 says:

I just got the RWK0CU 0 gauge kit from Amazon for $99.95 including shipping!! I have not installed it yet, but the kit looks amazing!! The kit includes 17 ft. Frosted Blue 0 gauge power wire with seamless crimp ring terminal (first 3 feet are mesh covered), 3 ft. Frosted Gray 0 gauge ground wire, 17 ft. Blue 18 gauge remote lead wire, 25 ft. Frosted Clear/Blue 12 gauge flat speaker wire, 17 ft. triple shielded twisted pair RCA cables, one ANL fuse holder with 250 amp ANL fuse, one 1/2" black rubber firewall grommet, two 0 gauge spade terminals, one 0 gauge ring terminal, five (3 blue 2 black) 12 gauge nickel-plated spade lugs, and ten 6" black zip ties. Power/ground wire is labeled "Mega Power Cable by Rockville // True-Spec 100% Oxygen Free Copper // 0 Gauge SuperFlex".

volkswagenginetta says:

what amplifier is shown at 0:25 ?

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