Lionel Trains Accessories and switching yard

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One of my goals this year was to make operating the trains more fun and challenging by adding the possibilities of switching freight to and from different locations. Such as pick up scrap metal and deliver to factory etc… I can also take freight off of the main line and deliver to different factories and such. The switching line and the main line does intersect at a few points so collisions are possible. The bascule bridge goes up and down so its also possible to crash into that or drive right off it if its up. I have done each of these things and it stinks when it happens. You really need to pay attention.
The locomotives are 6-85060 NW2 switcher.and 6-82973 A5
Its a long video so here are the times for the different accessories.
7:27 Coal unloader
8:40 Magnetic crane
14:37 oil drum loader
16:15 pipe un loader
17:25 pipe loader
18:16 Gabe the lamp lighter
18:51 Water tower
19:13 Coal loader
19:54 Milk car
20:19 Cattle car


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