LAYOUT TOUR – N Scale – Norfolk Southern / CSX – Charleston, Roanoke and Eastern Railway

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Building Bachmann N Scale Train Sets

Popular Myths Concerning Building Bachmann N Scale Train Sets”Click Here”

Popular Myths Concerning Building Bachmann N Scale Train Sets

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Popular Myths Concerning Building Bachmann N Scale Train Sets”Click Here”

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LAYOUT TOUR – N Scale – Norfolk Southern / CSX – Charleston, Roanoke and Eastern Railway

A in-depth video tour of Marcus Neubacher’s N scale Norfolk Southern, full basement, double deck layout.

Here is video one in what I hope will become a bi-monthly video series of various layouts.

Find me on these social media sites as well –
Twitter – @BenEarpPhoto
Instagram – @BenEarpPhoto
Facebook —

Here is more info about Marcus’s layout from his website –

“The Charleston, Roanoke, and Eastern Railway, is a fictional rail route between Charleston, WV, and Danville, VA, that is operated in theory by Norfolk Southern. The railroad is represented in N Scale (1:160).

The CR&E is a coal hauling bridge route connecting the midwest and the southeast. Design and operation of the railroad has drawn influences from actual railroads such as the Clinchfield, the Southern Railway, and the Norfolk & Western. Model railroad influences include W. Allen McClelland’s Virginian & Ohio, Tony Koester’s Allegheny Midland, and Eric Brooman’s Utah Belt, among others.

The modeled portion on Version One of the CR&E represented the railroad between Lewisburg, WV, and Roanoke, VA. Construction of Version One in a 16 X 16 foot room began in March 1996. The layout operated from 1998 until 2008, when it was dismantled in preparation for a move to a new home.

The modeled portion on Version Two is the same, though expanded for longer runs between stations, and now includes some additional trackage west of Lewisburg. The territory gained west of Lewisburg allows for the representation of the Kessler & Northern District, a territory of coal-hauling branchlines that connect with the CR&E mainline west of Lewisburg at Meadow Bluff, WV. The new railroad occupies two main rooms, 11 X 22 feet in size and 15.5 X 19 feet in size, connected through a laundry room/half bath. Construction began late in 2008 and the first test operating session was in December 2009. Over the 18 months or so that followed, construction continued with additional territory coming online.

The railroad is set in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s (roughly 1989-1994), which allows the operation of a few locomotives from Norfolk Southern’s predecessors Norfolk & Western and Southern Railway, as well as a large variety of CSX Transportation predecessor paint schemes.”


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