The Class 221 Virgin Super Voyager by Bachmann (Part 2)

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The title really does pretty much say it all 🙂


Aviation62 says:

I have that but, its a class 220

Jonjay Game toys and Lego build tutorials and more says:

I’m getting a CrossCountry class 220 for easter

Demon says:

i know im 7 yrs late but do u think hornby or bachmann are better

Aviation62 says:

Nice train with 6 cars

Mridula singh says:

Kya mast train hai mujha bhi do

Mridula singh says:

Kya mast train hai mujha bhi do

OCH0 says:

bachann trains run on hornby track ?

Richard Simcox says:

Hi 👋🏻 your modl

Leo Harris says:

I haven’t got virgin Hornby but what speed does it go to maximum

Soma Verma says:


Rayhaan Karim says:

Intercity82 I am a biggest fan of you I watch all your videos and I also subscribe to your video.💙

Cpr1234 says:

Compared to part 1, most of the people who've viewed this have often come for 5:51

John Smylie says:

the train set one

John Smylie says:

i got a virgin pendolino up stares in the attick the very first time and i am keeping it till xmas day

Jodi Cucchetti says:

what do you call a train roller coaster a taller coaster

Harry Haefner says:

why the goop mess on the rail assembly units?

Bruce Robertson says:

Like your vids

Ashill junction says:

very good train pack runs nicely but it derailing is a big problem

Hornby And Trains says:

I'm a giant fan

Shivam Yadav says:

shivam yadav

Matthew Wright says:

ive been looking waiting for part 3 what happen slacking a little

Luke T says:

are you Mr Compton? lol

Eddy says:


Foxybill05 says:

the moter is in the middle

the gang of groove street and saints says:

I flought that u whould do a part three but LOOK HOW LONG ITS BEEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!

GAWA says:

What does DC means and what's the difference between DCC and DC?

Cerys Storey says:

do a oo class 450 by bachmann! I live in that region. I love your videos, keep up the good work!

GiNgZ_pLaYs says:

there is no separate locomotive the whole set is a unit.

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