Railroad model building

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This small train station is the kind of railway station you might see on a branch line or near a small town. The passenger station is likely to be unmanned and probably only has a handful of passenger trains stopping each day. Maybe this railroad station has freight trains rolling by without stopping?
To construct this model train station, firstly watch this short video. Then download the PDF plan. You can construct the station for HO scale, OO gauge, or N scale model railroads. Other sizes maybe possible, but really big sizes or really small sizes are not ideal. This demonstration uses cardboard, but you could use foam core sheeting if you prefer.
PLEASE NOTE: This video is very basic and is designed to show how anyone can make these scale buildings without any difficulty. However, if you are a serious railroader then there are more things you can do to make this model railroad building even better.

You could for example, print a second copy and glue it onto card stock, and and then cut out the door and window frames glueing them over (or behind) the original printed copy. This can provide a more 3D effect. You can also cut the door so that it appears to open.
You could do other things to make the model uniquely your own, such as adding a chimney stack or smoke jack which are easy to make.
If you want to keep the model building for many years you could add additional internal strengthening. Adding a frame of balsa, basswood, foam core, or corflute is really cheap and easy. It will certainly prevent any chance of the model warping over time.
Other options include using masking tape to simulate rolled roofing instead of shingles. It is just an alternative option for you to consider.
If you are a really serious modeler you could also invest in some more expensive tools such as a artist’s metal xacto knife and a sturdy metal set square. As I said earlier, this video is designed to show how anyone (even on a very limited budget) can make this model train station. If you are a serious railroader, you can invest extra time and money and make it even better.

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