Thomas Bluebird Miniature Playset By ERTL – A Retro Thomas Product Review!

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This is my product review on the Bluebird Toys Thomas Miniature Play-set By ERTL. This is an extremely rare box that contains a very rare play-set. Bluebird toys was a toy company that was making toys for ERTL and Mattel in the early 90’s. They were responsible for the Polly Pocket that was a global phenomenon in the early 90’s. By the mid to late 90’s the company was in trouble and Mattel came to the rescue by purchasing the company and protecting their investments. Bluebird Toys released some pretty amazing Thomas Miniature sets through the years. A few of these Thomas sets were small pack up sets that allowed the young engineer to pack up with ease. The set that we are reviewing today is one of the bigger sets that were released, and is considered rare among collectors today. I would have to say that this is one of the most interesting sets in the Thomas genre. The parts and pieces in this sets are extremely small and easy to lose. All in all, I would recommend this set to collectors of Thomas, However, if you have small kids that you intend to play with this set, I wouldn’t recommend it. Thanks for watching my review on this product. Please check out my channel and subscribe for more great reviews to come!

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