Lionel Union Pacific LEGACY LionMaster Challenger 4-6-6-4 Steam Locomotive (Built To Order)

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Lionel Union Pacific LEGACY LionMaster Challenger 4-6-6-4 Steam Locomotive (Built To Order)

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ひかり528号 says:

It looks like there are two types of articulated locomotives, one with the boiler overhanging the curve and the other with the cab overhanging the curve, is there a name for each?

I prefer the type of cab that pops out.

Snoopyhf says:

What number product is this? (Example 6-29383)

machia0705 says:

There was this guy who worked for Lionel who built trains for them, and suggested they build a challenger locomotive. Lionel said no. The workers name was Mike Wolf, and he had a train house. The rest is history.

Heather Farrar says:

I think bli aka Broadway limited imports did a better job on there whistle for there ho scale challenger and even though it's ho scale it a also has a smoking whistle.

Thomas Abbott says:

Train world Tv,
The Lionel Union Posific Legacy Lion Master Challenger 4-6-6-4 Steam Locamotive,
Yes Exelant sound. An go's around the track very smoothly. Could you tell me we're there is a Web cite to purchase one of the Locamotive's. Thank you.

tacfoley says:

What's all the chat about? Unless you are in the cab, you can't hear squat on the real thing.

Nordmunder Ironhair says:

thats ritch melvin! 0:37

Sherry Scales says:

I want the same exact engine for Christmas this year!

TKP Studios says:

Are those O72 curves on the outer loop of this layout?

The Comet 833 says:

The whistle sounds like it said choo at 3:30

Dreams Lucid says:

Did anybody see clarabell in the tunnel at the top?

Timothy Bradley says:

Like if you see clarable in the backround from 0:1>

Train Chamber says:

Is this the Railking equivalent of lionel?

K9Nick811 says:

when you order stuff off of your website does it ship to your address by mail or do you have to go to the actual store and pick it up?

DolphinLegend 6444 says:

put it at the speed of the polar express

River City MOVERS says:

Well, I must say that this Lionel Big Boy performs really great! So far as i can see.
Great video! thanks!

Darrell May says:

I should get one of my own and call it "The Iron Bull".

NIKE RailfanningTTM says:

You got one thing wrong, the model that you displayed was 3985, sister of UNION PACIFIC 844, but challenger 3985 never had the smoke guards, the only time 3985 wore the smoke guards was when she was numbered to resemble one of her sister challengers, challenger 3678.

Mark Trains says:

Nice, except for the dorky crew talk…and they didn't have radios on them …

Harry Rollis says:

the crewtalk is voiced the same guy from 765 Rich Melvin!

mrlionel1965 says:

Personally, I find the crew talk kind of dorky. The loco sounds however are stunning. Nice piece. I have the lionmaster greyhound challenger and I love it.

bosslady759 says:


Nico Ayala says:

how do they get it to smoke?

duke nukem says:

in real life they call this train the big boy

smart nerd 64 says:

Yooooooooooo that is amazing

jchtr3ac says:

Very, Very nice. Love to have one of these.

Ethan Trainz Productions says:

Amazing video

sparky107107 says:

wow I might have to order a challenger in HO also from you guys ,, any idea on delivery of the mth big boys , , I might want to wait to get that first ???????? I have one of them ordered already, and I hope you guys do a video of that beast when you get a chance

trainroomgary says:

Cool big steam power demo. Also like the whistle and crew talk.
• Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway, “ A Toy Train Layout” 🚂

Sean Gildersleeve says:

Awesome engine! I want one!

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