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Over 7000 Diecast Model Cars

In a Northwest Suburb of Chicago on 6-17-17, a woman known as “The Train Lady” opens her estate she calls “Wandering Tree Estate” to a charity event.

Well you’ll see she has one of the most amazing / awesome G Scale & O Scale / Gauge Model Railroad train layouts. The layout is called “Gloree and Tryumfant” Garden Railway with 6000 square feet of model railroad that tours through Chicago and surrounding suburbs, and it has its own Depot.

Every area on the layout is complete. The engines, cars, and scenery on the layout are high quality, many items are custom hand built, and just a wonderful experience to view.

This is just amazing!


Alejandro Grillet says:

Hi, from Venezuela, the park side is AMAZING. The carousel is GORGEOUS. I enjoy seeing more details . The two layout are a MASTERPIECE. Mr Lou Thanks for taking the time to show these layouts.

topgun51 says:

I started a outdoor O gauge railroad 5 years ago, but stopped working on it, after watching this amazing work of art, maybe i need to start working on it again..

Juan A. Garcia says:


Steven Robinson says:

That's a railroad!!!! Love it!

Mike Weyhe says:

Awestruck ? Nope . No words to describe this . God bless you for sharing!

Mr. VanFleet says:

One of these days I will have around way of my own talking about the model

Thad ward says:

And here @ 6:02 we have humanities oldest profession.

Shae Tallent says:

Wow,beautiful layout ,garden.great video!

Donald Rodgers says:

Nice layout.

KAMRYN Wallace says:

I worship you

Craig Kallenbach says:

I was there on Saturday and people thought I must be crazy to travel 60 miles to see some trains. Now let's see what they say!

Wandering Tree says:

Thank you for sharing this video of our gardens! Thank you to everyone who came out to this wonderful charity event, we hope you all enjoy!



Dean Nederhoff says:

if you ever wanna see another great model train set,go to colfax iowa.trainland usa.i believe its o scale but he built the house just for it and then had to knock out a wall because it still wasnt big enough.
the last time i seen it he had a drive in theater and a movie was playing on the screean,a draw bridge that workes.cavalry in a fort shooting cannons off at indians in the hills.dukes of hazard scene.ringling brothers takes up 3 walls in his basement and then a center stip with trains on either side of is awesome

Dave grim says:

absolutely amazing

Codenwarra Cove says:

Congratulations to the "train lady" for fine work. i see the White Pass and Yukon represented there, what a railway!. It's a lovely set up.

I started to make scratch built line side models years ago, but in cardboard which would not take any weather, specially not Brisbane's torrential rain or days of drizzle.

For real railways, see Paul Shepherd, mostly narrow gauge or Matt Oaten, mostly broad gauge. Yes folks, broad gauge still exists!

Jerry Gorman says:

WOW, incredible and beautiful both outside and inside, thanks for sharing!

jeff martin says:

This is amazing Lou. I am in the Gardening business. I assure you this place is maintained by hand. hedge clippers and leaf blowers weed eaters? Nope. She is spending a Kings ransom taking care of this. It wasn't cheap to build but her annual budget must be like that of a New England State! God bless her. Great job Lou. So many vids look like the car show during the great earthquake. Your vids never shake. This is my first train vid with you Lou but we've talked about car vids and my experience growing up with a classic car lady!

hisham elfiki says:

I just love this amazing model. Great video LOU .Thanks for sharing this amazing video.

Vito Bertaudeau says:

exelente gracias y compartido

Lgb_Maienstein Modellbahn Lgb/ HO/H0e Digital says:

was für eine wunderschöne anlage…gefällt mir ..

Joe Hart says:

I cannot fathom the amount of money and time invested. Beautiful scenery. Wonderful details. Thank you for sharing this.

Andrew Kollarik says:

Wish I had room to go a garden Railroad like that.

MrFandex says:

That was AMAZING, made me feel like I was eight years old again, and believe me that was a long ,long time ago.

Randomotion says:

There are no weeds allowed in her garden!

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