Model Railroad Scenery. From Plywood to a FINISHED SCENE!

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Inclines & Plaster cloth:
Ballasting Track:
Scratch Building
Road Bridge:
Cement Plant:

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Plaster Cloth:
Smooth it:
Coarse Turf:
Poly Fiber:

From beginner to experienced modeler, this video may offer a different approach to model railroad layout building. This is simply what works for ME. I hope you like.

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Electric Gaming says:


Brian Kinnaman says:

Very realistic….Nice job

Stoned Metalhead says:

This is so awesome, I grew up in plum. I've been to the cement factory many of times and never new this much about it. It's even better to see it modeled in N scale. Thank you so much DJsTrains

Dave Roush says:

Awesome work!

Extra Leben says:

Look incredible :D.. and YESS.. you should mix scales .. if you build everything in the same scale it would look odd.. keep it up DJ ^^

Jacquie Holland says:

The finished product is amazing

David Stumblebuck says:

Seeing these vids gets me excited and thinking about how Id like to start working on a little layout. You are knowledgeable and fun to watch.

David Stumblebuck says:

Drone time for under the ductwork lol, well done sir !


Very informative…thank you!!!

BNbrett 1376 says:

Amazing video DJ! this is really going to help when I build my layout. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

KutWrite says:

Marvelous – I think I could live in your towns.
Idea: You could start your videos with "Here we go." and end with "'Til next time, that'll do!" At least CSXers will get it. Or do you guys still say that?

Practice safe CSX!

Robert Terry says:

GREAT video D.J. Thank you-Bob

Scott Pool says:

Looks good very very good awesome๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

francis47 says:

Many thanks DJ, I'm in the process of making a small layout in ho around the room (13'x9') a small train room , also I'm a French modeller and our country side differs plus our train run on the left, I have watch you're old videos and appreciate you're how to witch are a great source of inspiration just like this one, again thanks for sharing.
Regards from La Rรฉunion

SC Railroad Videography says:

What Is The Age To Start A Layout With Scenery

AlohaMilton says:

I lay track but dont ballast it, then just lay down 1" blue masking tape over the track and the area that will be ballested, works perfect to protect track while working around it. I need to do it reverse as I have never layed track or run trains before, if I had made the layout I imagined first it would have been a disaster, nothing would have run well, derailing and struggling up grades and way to tight of curvature. I made a whole layout in cardboard and foam and other scrap materials. Then saw what worked running trains, and built sections of wood permanent benchwork and layout as I confirmed each section functioned correctly. I am new to model railroading but have professional training and experience in prototype model making for industrial design, so I went with the methods I was familiar with.

David ONeal says:

Looks great needed that little encouragement ! Kinda frustrated right now but this helped tremendously thanks

Russell Loomis says:

Dang bro I thought that you were Bob Ross when you were doing your background trees.๐Ÿ˜€ Great job.๐Ÿ‘

Cowboy Valley & Timberline Jct. RR says:

Well done, DJ. ๐Ÿ‘

Joe G says:

Great job, I like your thoughts on starting with the scenery first.

Sean Balistreri says:

13 gondolas derailed with 2 filled with metal scraps 2 days ago

TheFutureofYesterday says:

DJ I wish you were my neighbor to help me get my layout started. I am overwhelmed with where or how to begin. I have no standing track plan which would help me tremendously yet even with the plan I simply do not know where or how to even begin designing a track plan. I never thought I would have all the supplies on hand to begin but not knowing how to begin….

Ron Jackson says:

Absolutely Beautiful. These videos make my week. How do you find time to do this working on the Rail Road.

The Lowmein says:

What kind of sissy railroad man doesnโ€™t own a big ole polar bear killinโ€™ truck? ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›

sparky107107 says:

nice video. i do like how the sculpt a mold looks when done. rocks and some nice cut aways.

Touch of the Brush Model Weathering says:

Man that is some incredible work bud! Along with weathering, scenery is my strong point and you knocked it out of the park!- joey

Koryโ€™s AKVR says:

I meant to say Trains and Railroads of the Past, I bought it at Barnes and Noble in Monroeville. Itโ€™s on the shelf next to Trains, Raifan & Railroad, Model Railroader, etc.

nails6365 says:

holy cr*p the size of your layout is bigger than my house!

Jeff Herdzina says:

Gotta love California and the warning stickers on EVERYTHING !! Great video ….looks like you have to a ton of work on it. Wondering if we will get a complete layout update ?

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