NV#1 My shelf size N scale model railroad 🚂 track planning with RailModellerPro

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This is how I designed my 5’x2′ N scale shelf sized model railroad and then used #RailModellerPro for track planning. It’s amazing how much you can “legitimately” cram into such a tiny space… and yet it should still “work” – fingers crossed!!!

But I think that’s only because I did some “historical” research on my totally “fictional” layout @ Narraloch Valley… by digging deep into the history of British railways and canals, and by using a lot of imagination 🙂

I’m using Peco streamline track and several #scalescenes buildings to create this representation of the northern English countryside, with continuous running, single track, with 17 sections, reverse loops and DC cab control.

Complete with canal and narrowboats!

Will it work in the space I’ve got??? Or am I MAD??? LOL

Let me know what YOU think in the comments. I’d love to know!

And in the few days since publishing… I’ve already CHANGED the track plan. Oh well, that’s model railroading life LOL

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Stephen Spry

PS I totally love using RailModeller Pro for track planning and have a few more videos featuring it in the pipeline, so make sure you subscribe to hear about them!





Train video:


Stephen Spry says:

HI – hope you like this and find it interesting. I just love the "backstory" idea… it just adds another level of realism to a totally imaginary place!

Christina Eneroth says:

This is an absolutely lovely video! Love the back story. I used to make back stories like that when drawing towns and cities as a kid, but not as detailed.

Canberra Monaro N Scale Group says:

Love your layout. You are very familiar to me. Dunno why?

Eddie Keen says:

Finally a layout video that is informative AND entertaining. Way cool mate!

David Sheriff says:

I can only say WOW !

Kevin B says:

Just discovered you and the NVCC & RR. I model in N scale in an apartment. Your "backstory" is fascinating and a must for all model rr-ers. Looking forward to more. (Scale Scenes offers a few free downloads, and you might mention that)

Phil Newman says:

What a really excellent video this is, look forward to seeing more of this. Well done indeed!

leroymaximus says:

Hi Stephen, Great video which has inspired me to copy your layout! Big problem! The layout is not possible to replicate due to conflicting levels/gradients which are not obvious at first glance, and even more inspections!! The island platform (at the top of the layout image) is in reality at two differing heights and therefore not possible. I now have the unenviable task of re-designing my layout to fit a 1.8m x 0.6m board. Such a pity as I have laboured long and hard in making a cabinet to fit underneath to house all the tools and necessary paraphernalia associated with the hobby. I was so impressed by your 'story' and the resultant layout. I used Anyrail to design my particular layout (I use a WIN 10 PC)

Denny Little says:

Loved the backstory even more than the track planning itself. You should be in the business of playing Santa, you've got a great voice for it. (I do this myself….)

John W says:

This is the way to go. Here I am, 3 days into this, thinking I might be able to start with a huge oval and build on it, change it around as I can afford track, trains, and landscape. Planning makes such good sense. I have a lot to learn. And of course, after I'm done, I would love to tell the story and history of how it was designed and why. Thanks

M Castro says:

That ending shot was awesome! Brilliant, so to speak. I think you are so right about the planning process and for those of us that love that part, all the more enjoyable. I am very close to finishing my first ever 4'x6' HO scale layout and I'm a year and a half into it including the planning time, which wasn't short. I know I saved because of the planning, and the fact that I am using DC, but the hobby aint't cheap, especially the plastic kits and various tools. I had/wanted to get appropriate tools (which cost a pretty penny): foam cutter, chopper, micro tools, static grass applicator (if one is good with electronics one should build Luke Towan's), etc. How is the layout coming along?

さよならダーリンSayonara Baby says:

awsome video

DinsdalePiranha67 says:

Hello from California! I'm in the process of building a free-standing layout and stumbled across your video. The one I'm planning is a bit larger than yours (2.5' x 5') and I already have some N scale equipment from previous layouts. But as I'm planning it, I probably will use very little of my existing rolling stock, and I already bought another locomotive on eBay. I might be able to use some of the sectional track from the last layout, but even using all of it probably isn't enough to complete the layout I have planned. New loco – new to me anyway, probably 15-20 freight cars (I'm just not that interested in running passenger trains), more track, structures….

Even a small model railroad can get expensive!

Timpraetor says:

I want to live there. Any rental flats available? 😉

Arthur Hirschfeld says:

Great historical story with your layout. I checked out the Scalescenes website and will definitely use them for card stock buildings. Quite a bit cheaper and much quicker than ordering and waiting for the shipping from UK with the Metcalfe kits.

Norman Rowe says:

Hi, I sub’d within a couple of minutes. Anyone putting that much effort into the back story, deserves my rapt attention. See ya.

Jim Ellis says:

Just bought RailModeller Pro. Opened your layout in the community and tinkered with it. Very cool. Then ran across this video. How's that for a coincidence?!

Being an actor and a voice actor I truly appreciate your "back story' (very creative) and your matter of fact voice over with a bit of witty charm. Well done.

Now I'm off to continue my quest to figure out how this baseboard tool works. Can't seem to make a truly custom space with it.

I've subscribed to your channel and hope to see how the NVCC&RR turns out one day.

Take care!

Passepartout says:

The company would have built a railway not a rail road! The company´s name should be N.V. & Canal Co. Rlwy.

Lee Hauxwell says:

With those seat pads it looks like you're living in a camper trailer.

The silver fox says:

FLOOD FREE LOL I live in the city of worcester and it's raining now it floods in the lower parts of england all the time 😀 great video.

Loran DeFeyter says:

I enjoy your sense of humor, and you're a great story teller. You have made a layout and video!

ligiten says:

Great layout and story. Going to watch you're other vidz and follow progress. Good luck!

Ralph J. says:

Amazons Story and Realisation!

Adrien Gadson says:

Good start and I will tune in to see how you come along. Also be prepared to go over budget . I went way over mine , but I'm patient so it will be better in the long run.

OTS RxR says:

I really enjoyed the "backstory".. and you are a great story teller presenting it. Your plan shows purpose in every aspect of your landscape and track plan. Even in such a small space, I think you will be very happy with the results.

The Growler - Blackwood N Gauge Layout says:

Hi Stephen from bonny Scotland! Well thought out layout – enjoyed the "historical" storyline. Look forward to see this layout develop cheers Euan

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