Garden Trains: #004 : Building an Indoor Large Scale Railroad : Freebie Railroad

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Garden Trains: Segment 004 : Building an Indoor Large Scale Railroad : Freebie Railroad
Episode: Getting on the right track. What shall we run the trains on?

In 2013 is going to build an indoor Large Scale layout an let us watch it happen. They will post short one to two minute videos showing different steps of building. If you have any questions or suggestions or comments. Post a comment and they can answer it in one of their videos.

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Ted Ansley says:

I've built an indoor layout and several temp Xmas layouts. I like 8' outer loop, 6.5' loop, and I've even had a 5' and/or 4' inner loop. I found it better to build entire table and leave a 2'x3' hole in the middle or slightly bigger, maybe 2.5' by 4'. I used a combo of Aristocraft and LGB track. You CAN use them together even the switches. My other loop used LGB R3 and/or Aristo Wide swtiches (10Ft.). Be creative! Problem was track ties, I had to mix US and Euro.

Babs Courtney says:

what size will this be? 10×12, 12×12 ?

Richard Dahlke says:

I have a limited indoor layout in my garage. I found for larger flat surfaces the best choice are indoor hollow core doors. You need very limited bracing and are avail for reasonable prices at recycling building supply centers. My source was Habitat for Humanity outlets.

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