MRUV Special Edition PART 2: Update on Track Plan Changes

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A quick (well, quickly made…) update on the proposed track plan changes to improve operations on the layout.

I had some very inspiring help from Bill Beranek- The Track Planner- in regards to the hidden staging and factory layout. His idea and plan was the driving force behind the changes I am planning in these areas. Thank you Bill! Visit Bill’s website here:

I have also incorporated an engine service facility. I really want to use some of the structures I spent a lot of time and money on but they initially were not included on the layout. Especially the roundhouse- here is a video the roundhouse:

I am also considering the addition of an Ore Dock- complete with an HO scale model of a lake boat. Many of the previously shown changes to Eugene Yard are still there, to allow smoother yard operations and provide a switching lead.

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I also discuss a proposed operating plan for the layout- traffic patterns, types of trains, etc. I am trying to set in place a “reason to be”- where it runs, why it runs, traffic it runs, etc. These elements help ground the layout in the real world and provide a background for why the layout exists.

I am working on the material requirements for this rather substantial change. It will require additional turnouts, flex track, switch machines, new control panels, remote uncouplers, revised benchwork, revised/additional C/MRI electronics, relocation of C/MRI control boards, additional signals – A LOT of work!

I will have to tackle this in stages- it is too much to do all at once. But once complete I feel it will provide a much more “operable” layout that will feel more like an actual railroad.

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