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A quick guide on building a static grass applicator.
This is part one, the body. In part one I’ll show you exactly how I make the main structure of the static grass applicator and in part two I’ll go through the specific wiring to complete the final product.
This applicator work very well on all the static grass brands I’ve tested, woodland scenics works very well and mininature grasses also perform quite well. It’s great for adding realism to your model railroad or if you do any other sorts of scenery like war gaming, you will find this static grass applicator very useful. And it’s not very expensive! In total I spent about $35 on the materials.
If you’re interested in going to part two click on the following link or you can click the link at the end of the video.

Here is a list of materials:
50mm PVC pipe
50mm PVC pipe coupler
Container with press on or clip on lid
Small piece of pine wood (About 3cm wide)
Black wire 18 gauge
Red wire 18 gauge
DPDT switch
Alligator clip
Small wood screws
Metal wire mesh (from sifter)
Small connector plugs
Shrink tube
Negative ion generator (I got mine from Oatley Electronics)

And here are tools used in the construction:
Drill and various drill bits
Soldering iron and solder
Two part epoxy
PVC primer and glue
Hobby knife
Pen and marker
Sand paper
Saw or circular power saw

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