Building A Model Railway – Scenics (Creating Rock Faces – Painting (Plus some other scenic bits!))

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In this ongoing series we take a look at the rock face area around the tunnel, as well as the area above the tunnel. The Deluxe Materials Snow:

The Deluxe Materials Aqua Magic Water:

A Similar product to the Woodland Scenics Earth Scatter is this one:

A Similar product to the Woodland Scenics Scenic Glue is this product by Deluxe Materials which does an excellent job:

The rock face i’ve shaped whilst the plaster was still wet & once dry, carved out the cracks, fissures, erosion using a flat bladed tool. The painting of the rock face i’ve used the leopard spotting method (as shown on Woodland Scenics channel page), to create a worn & weathered effect.

Various ‘Dead Fall’ foliage/ bushes added around the rock face, in places like in the cracks etc. On the area above the tunnel, earth paint undercoat & fine earth scatter material applied. It’s now a case of adding static grasses, bushes & trees etc. After that it’ll be time to add the snow & ice.

More new stuff to follow….. Thanks for watching.


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