What is Kitbashing For Model Trains?

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What is Kitbashing For Model Trains?

Kitbashing is the Key to that 1 in a 1,000,000 Model Train Layout!
Model kits are not always items of beauty. They are also not exactly what a model train enthusiast really wants when they are searching through the aisles and shelves of their local hobby store.

In fact, the failure of model kits to meet the needs of model railroaders is exactly why the art of Kitbashing evolved.

What Is Kitbashing?
The term is fairly self-explanatory because it involves “bashing” the store bought “kit” and transforming those model train models into the items that you had in mind from the very beginning.

The word “bashing” is actually a rather harsh term because there is more “alterations” taking place than true “banging and bashing”.

You will also hear this practice referred to as “model bashing”.

Drawbacks of Commercial Model Kits
Although there are many model train sets and kits on the shelves of hobby stores, it is extremely difficult to find the one that perfectly fits your needs.

Most of the packaged models that are being sold are still “cookie cutter” designs that have no personality and style. If you use a typical scale model kit to create the structures on your model train layout it will look just like millions of others.

However, with a little kitbashing, it is really very easy to become a building engineer for your scale size model train layout.

Benefits of Kitbashing
When someone wants to create a totally new scale model train project, they can do it with this building technique. They can combine different pieces from several mass produced kits that will result in a unique model or they can simply transform a basic design by altering certain features on the model trains and structures.

Then they can add some personalized special effects that will make the trains and structures really pop. There are many details and special features that are already in those packaged model kits.

With a bit of imagination you can use these with your own designs to create those one of a kind, finely detailed scale models that you really want. There is no better way for an individual to acquire some truly unique layout accessories with a minimum of time and work.

You could build the pieces that you want from the ground up but this would involve a lot more time and effort.

It is much easier to start with a kit that has some components that you like, and then modify those parts until you create exactly what you had in mind.

Transformations Minor and Major
Some people will take a mass produced model kit of a common train depot and they will be able to see an amazing amount of possibilities.

They may decide to raise the roof into a steep A-line design and add a weather vane at the top. Perhaps they even envision changing the doors and windows, adding a different platform and changing the paint from silver grey to bright red with green trim.

All kitbashing does not have to be dramatic and involved; it could be something as simple as changing the roof of a small structure or just repainting the building’s exterior. However many hobbyists want to put their own stamp on the kit and change the set into something that is totally unique.

The one great thing about kitbashing is that you can always use this technique to make almost any item fit into your own specific building plans.

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