Building Working N Scale Signals From Scratch

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Hey guys welcome to another Video

Today we are building working N scale signals. I wanted some but was not willing to pay $40 for one single signals so i bought materials and built one for less than $. Im very happy with the way they look for being basis signals. I can’t wait to add details and operate with these signals on the layout.

Everything you need is as follows:

-soldering Iron
-Hand Tools(Hobby Knife, File, Tweezers)
-Evergreen #224 1/8″ Tube Styrene
-1mm Sheet Styrene
-Black Paint
-Silver Paint
-Paint Brushes
-CA Glue
-Canopy Glue
-Plastic Filler Material (paintable)
-Green LEDs
-Yellow LEDs
-Red LEDs
-9 Volt Battery
-A Pen

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Sorry for this video being over half an hour but it will show you from beginning to end how to build these. I did not skip anything so it should all be there but if you have follow up questions feel free to ask. I would be more than willing to help.

Here is the link to the Youtube Model Builders website:

Hope you all enjoy!

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