Make a Wild Western Town for Scale Model Railroads

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Close Most of us grew up watch cowboys and wild west shows on television. There was usually the sheriff and sometimes a posse chasing the outlaws (often Bank or train robbers or just plain bad guys). In those days transportation was usually by horse, stagecoach, or railroad. In fact the railroads played a vital part in opening up the wild west.

This video shows a set of scale model plans that can be downloaded and printed out to construct 6 “photo-realistic” western buildings. The plans can easily be scaled for HO, OO, S, Z, or N scale, but are not suitable for very large O scale or G scale model railroads. There’s a town Bank, the sheriff’s office and jail, a saloon, a Blacksmiths stable, a Gunsmiths shop, and a supplies store. 39 different signs are provided so it is possible to make multiple buildings by just changing the sign. As an example, by changing the signage, the same plans could be used to construct a gun shop, a newspaper office, an undertakers, or a Drapery. So it is possible to build a really big town with just the six plans.

When constructed (using balsa and cardboard e.g. an old cereal box), the buildings become very string and durable.


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