Model Train Scenery and Track Tips

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This report is FREE at To appear realistic and not toy-like, a model railroad layout design shouldn’t be too predictable. A main line that runs along close by the edge of a standard 8 ft x 4 ft space before curving into an oval will most definitely appear toy-like unless clever scenery techniques or props are used to disguise the predictability of track layout.

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Wherever possible, a layout will generally looks much more realistic with gentle curves (just like those on a real life-sized railroad), and place the main line with a slight angle away from the benchwork edge. Disguising a curve using a tunnel or hillside can be an effective way of distracting the eye away from the reality that the train’s going around an a simple oval.

But, before getting too far down the “construction” track, grab a copy of this FREE model railroading report. It’s very quick and really simple to download… and definitely worthwhile considering just one of these 33 mistakes could potentially save you hours (or days) of frustration.


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