Who Crashed Duck At St Lukes Model Train Show ?

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St Lukes model train club celebrated 26 years, here is my coverage of the layouts with my son enjoying the model trains along the way.

The highlight for me was the Hornby Live Steam trains, which are a range of steam powered locomotives that operate using real steam. They are controlled via a separate power controller which is incompatible with existing controllers. The Live Steam locomotive must be run in isolation from other DCC or DC engines.
It is impressive technology but sadly these sorts of trains are no longer available. Possibly the very high cost killed off Hornby Live Steam or the sheer novelty factor. It’s amazing to think that steam technology can be miniaturized because of the problems which happen when trying to scale down anything to do with water.

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The large TOMY drive through mega Thomas is something I would love for my ever expanding Thomas Tank collection.

I feel the best display this year was the LEGO trains which had the fire in the LEGO police station. Doing that simple special effects show really pleased the audience and children at the train show.

Yep my son crashed Duck on a HO U-Drive layout….it’s a very sensitive subject.

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