HO Scale: HUGE UP and KCS Grain Trains

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Filmed 10/12/13

I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything showing my unit grain train, so here it is. True, the tank cars are not grain cars, however it isn’t uncommon for corn sweetener cars to be mixed into these grain trains. So for a little variety, I included my five Cargil tankers. I have eight other grain cars, and three other corn sweetener tankers that for whatever reason didn’t get included in this, so the train you see here is 66 cars long, when it should have been 77.

The KCS train is Dad’s and his is even longer (as seen) at 77 cars. All numbers in both trains are different and both trains are very reliable in that they seldom ever give us any problems. I’d run mine more, but even as large as the layout is, there just isn’t enough room to leave mine on the layout like I do my mixed freight and 110 car coal train. The Santa Fe intermodal train belongs to a fairly new member who models right up to the BN and Santa Fe merger, but not beyond.

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There are a few spots in the video where the trains seem to slow and/or surge, and I think it’s because (as we’ve been realizing) there are some power issues with the layout in a couple places. Locomotives are acting erratic and not performing normally. So, we’re going to have to sort out what the issues are with the system in those areas. The joys of model railroading…

I have some more railfanning videos coming soon, and another club video coming hopefully by next Sunday. However, I might be going out of town next weekend, so who knows what may happen. I have more coming whatever the case may be so stay tuned!

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