My model trains – SAR, CR & ANR locomotives

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Proto 2000 “PA1” kitbashed into SAR 900class units “907” & “909”, Athearn “PA1” Kitbashed into SAR 900 Class “905”, Athearn “SD45” kitbashed into Australian National AN Class “AN3”, Athearn “SD45” kitbashed into AN DL Class “DL45”, Lima ANR 930 Class “959”, BGB SAR 900 class body kit “903”, Lima AN GM Class “GM34”, AR Kits SAR 600 Class “604”, Auscision AN EL Class “EL52”, Trainorama AN 930 Class “932”, Austrains AN 700 Class “705”, AR Kits AN 600 Class “603”, Lima ANR 930 Class “965”, Trax ANR 830 Class “863”, Austrains ANR 700 Class “701”, Powerline SAR 830 Class “849”, Trax AN 830 Class “833”, Austrains AN CK Class “CK2”, Lima AN 930 Class “953”, Dual Gauge Products AN GM Class body kit “GM28”, Lima Kitbashed Mk1 AN GM Class “GM3”, Austrains AN DL Class “DL42”, Dual Gauge Products AN 442/700 Class body Kit “703”, Dual Gauge Products AN GM Class body kit “GM47”, Lima kitbashed Mk1 AN 930 Class “934”, Athearn “SD45/E8” Kitbashed into AN CL Class “CL8”, Austrains SAR 700 Class “704”, Lima Kitbashed AN/ANR Mk1 GM Class “GM7” & “GM2”, Powerline AN BL Class “BL27”, Lima ANR GM Class “GM27”, Dual Gauge Products AN EL Class body kit “EL51”, Powerline Ltd Edition ANR CL Class “CL17”, Lima AN GM Class “GM46”, Lima Kitbashed 930 Class units “944” & “967”.

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Missing from this line up of locos from my South Australian Railways, Commonwealth Railways & Australian National collection of models are-:
AR Kits Mustard Pot liveried 600 Class “602”, BGB Body Kit AN Green Liveried 800 Class “803”, Powerline AN Green Liveried 830 Class “845”, Lima kitbashed Mk1 930 Class ANR red/silver liveried “931”, Austrains CL Class AN green liveried “CL6” & Athearn “SD45/E8” kitbashed into CR Class “CL14.

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


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