Brecon Station model railway layout testing – 25OCT14-2 – Peco LK-55 Turntable

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In this video I am demonstrating the newly installed turntable plus yet another run around my circuit.

The turntable is a Peco OO gauge plastic kit number LK-55. I have not yet completed or painted the kit as I wanted to make sure that it worked properly. I have used the motor and gearbox from Expo’s motorising kit number 262-11 to drive the turntable but I replaced the final drive plastic worm and spur gear with suitable Meccano components. These work reasonably well but they are still somewhat noisy as well as being some gear box slack when one reverses direction. I am driving the motor using an old H&M controller set to full wave with low resistance output. I also use two high wattage dropper resistors sourced from Maplin to keep the maximum output voltage below 6 volts. Finally, as I cannot physically see the input track to the turntable I have set up experimentally a webcam connected to a laptop thus allowing me to align the turntable tracks dynamically be eye – there are no micro switches (but frustration might call for a revised design!). As suggested on other video postings I have redesigned the turntable mounted spindle so that it can be easily removed (for servicing or whatever) at a later date.

Now to the video commentary.

On this occasion we start from Brecon Free Street Station Platform 2 having just arrived from, maybe, Newport. Before we can return the engine needs to be turned so a good excuse for me to test the turntable. Initially we run backwards and cross over onto the up line stopping in the newly ballasted area. My apologies for being in shot in the top left hand corner! The turntable experimental camera can be seen top right-hand corner. After the points have been changed we move forward onto the turntable. Note the catch-point which sets automatically in parallel with the turntable spur point.

The turntable turns – still a little jerky!

We drive off the turntable, through the catch point and around the circuit coming back into Brecon from the west (Neath) into Platform 1.

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