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The footage shows awful track – that works! – on a model railroad featuring 90’s era CSX. Two main segments are shown – handlaid yard trackage, and a mainline attempt at realistic jointed rail.

The layout is a small one on an outdoor porch, so when you hear the sound of crickets in the mix, that is actually real. All of the trackage, scenery, equipment, and weathering was last worked on some 6 years ago, when I was in my teens.

The layout has actually been dormant for 6 years with stuff stored on top and cats sleeping on the foliage. I revived it to take a record of the best portions. Most of the yard tracks are handlaid n-scale rail on tiny wooden ties, with ample kinks.

The yard lead and siding are even more deliberately designed to cause trouble. I put cardboard shims under the middle 30′ ft. of each scale 40′ ft section of rail, and then spiked the joints down to create the characteristic bowed effect of poorly maintained jointed rail. You’ll notice that this is done with N-scale rail on a curved piece of track that heads into a curve switch – I have no idea how the trains stay on the track! The joints are more pronounced on the siding track shown at the end of the video, which is laid with cut 40’scale code 83 rail laid on plastic ties.

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I intended to film the manifest leaving and some more switching, but ran out of time. Hopefully next time I visit I can capture some more. This video is incredibly misleading about the overall railroad, though, as it is really the only portion with scenery and that is compromised by lack of background and narrow benchwork. The rest of the railroad is mostly code 100 track and even snap track, with a few other segments of barely operable weedy branchline track.

Finally, the sound is taken from my own rail videos. Much of it is actually from a remarkably similar video of a decrepit branchline in Richmond, VA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qoz7pzaQOQs
Oddly, I created this modeled segment years before I knew about the branchline! The mainline sound is a little bit more of a stretch, since I can’t even remember seeing B40-8’s on a mainline freight.


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