Shed Weathering

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Here’s another “How To” video. This video takes you through weathering a train maintainance shed. It’s not difficult and it’s also very inexpensive.

Here are the materials you’ll need and some instructions:

Materials – Krylon or other brand clear matte finish, two brushes (medium and fine), white acrylic paint, water, hair dryer and weathering powder or chalk.

Step 1 – Fade the shed using a slightly opaque (watery) mixture of white acrylic paint and water. Apply with a medium brush. Dry with hair dryer between coats. Apply 2 coats, more if desired.

Step 2 – Using the black (soot) weathering powder or chalk, apply the soot with around vent areas and on vents until desired look is acheived. Spray with clear matte spray and dry with hair dryer to accelerate dry time.

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Step 3 – Using a dark and or light brown weathering powder, apply additional weathering to building, in streaks as shown in the video. Apply clear matte spray to accelerate fry time.

Step 4 – Apply and additional weathering, for instance along the base of the building or where egnine exhaust may be present (use soot aka black powder).

Step 5 – Apply a final coat of clear matte finish spray and dry with hair dryer.

Notes: Use the clear matte spray in a well ventillated area. I apply my powder dry for soot, because its more realistic. You could also use paint, but I find the powder just looks better.


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