Lego City Trains Building A Big L Gauge Railway Layout & Train Crashes

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Lego trains are awesome, let’s build a huge Lego train set and have lots of fun. The Lego train system is large, remote controlled and overall very impressive. It’s also fairly costly, but well worth the major investment once you see multiple Lego train sets and track packs combined. Put it this way once you get one Lego train set it just screams to be made bigger. It’s a highly addictive train system.

Lego Trains is a product range and theme of the construction toy Lego, which incorporates buildable train sets. Products in the range have included locomotives, tracks, rolling stock, train stations, signal houses, and other track-side buildings. The theme is popular among adult fans, as well as children, and has spawned international associations and conventions. The train system is sometimes referred to as ‘L-gauge’ among fans, in reference to traditional model railway scales even though the Lego trains are at least 2 centimeters wider than O gauge trains. The design of Lego trains has developed substantially, with several different systems introduced, with varying degrees of cross-compatibility.

There are clone knockoff Lego styled trains. The Enlighten train track is identical to Lego track system. The only difference in colour and cost. Some Lego clone companies have ripped off identical train designs, but these sets are difficult to obtain and tend not to be powered.

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