Calverton Layout 4 Pt 1 – Make a model railway in 16 days

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Part 1 of 4. How I made my model Railway in 16 days – 8 for the shed, and 8 for the layout. I started making the shed for my permanent layout 29th March 2013. The 10×8 Tongue and groove wooden shed was delivered. Within 8 days I had put up 4 layers of bubble wrap insulation covered with 4mm plywood. I had also made my board for the layout. Another 8 days and the layout was completed to ‘level one’ which means it is done and I can add smaller details as and when I wish to. It got more details over the next 3 months. After these four videos are many more updates. You can follow my progress.

The board is 9mm MDF, with 2×1 batons for strength, and 28in high legs, the same height as my dining table. I can reach right over this layout to the back (4ft) and I am just under 6ft. So I have no plans as yet to motorise my points, or add mechanical linkages (Note: I did add some mech ones later on).

I also added a couple of shelves. One will hold a CD player for loco noises (or music). I will add seating and storage, a fan and small heater. But I won’t keep my locos in there, or anything electrical.

The track itself will be made up of two loops (tailchasers) with eight sidings. 2nd and 3rd radius curves. It will be 75ft in length, within a space of 9ft7.5in x 4ft. There is also an additional section that brings it up to 7ft 5in wide and 23in wide. I am using 61% of the available space for the layout, which means the rest is for me, so I have plenty of room to sit out there and chill out. This was my 4th layout, hence Calverton 4.

Next video, the layout itself goes in.

No locomotives are kept in my shed, neither any rolling stock. This is to stop moisture making it go rusty, and also in case anything gets stolen. There is nothing of value in there, only simple modelling tools, spare scenery, glues, and magazines, and my layout itself, plus two cheap controllers. Sometimes I lock my shed, sometimes not. We do have neighbourhood watch.

Internet search ‘Calvertfilm’.

Web page for my layout, and previous ones:


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