Silhouette Model Railway Accessories – Silflor – miniNatur Trailer 2012 – Diorama Modelling

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Using our products from miniNatur – Silflor – Silhouette

Silhouette Model Railway Accessories presents you the product line „miniNatur”, a wide palette of high-quality products for greening materials for models.

The development of realistically working greening materials in model railroad scales is a complex and very costly process, that we perfected.

As basis of your diorama, we recommend Austrotherm to you, a Styrofoam material, from which you can build lifelike landscapes child-easily. With the technology developed by us, the perfect rock-imitation originates here.

The product of „Two coloured grass strips” is very well suitable in order to plant grass growing at the wayside. Through the alive structure, bigger meadow-surfaces can be created with the grass-mat „pasture with weeds”. The edge-strips are modeled by individual grass-tuft and horsetails additionally.

Also foliage-mats cut can be used as ground cover.
Through the combination of different grass-mats and the supplement with grass-tufts and – stripes heavenly landscape-scenes are created.

By greening with ivy-tendrils, the castle-ruin is integrated into the meadow-landscape.

Now, also the trees find their place in the scenery. The individual look results from their formation in handicraft.

Our products offer the advantage of the conscious, unique and lifelike formation to you.

Also this year, we developed new products for you. In our actual news page we present you for example the Joshua Tree, existing in the west- American desert-flora and the evergreen juniper you can find in moorland-ships in Central Europe.

Further products and information you can find on our homepage

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