HO Scale Intermountain ES40DC / ES44DC Gevo – Review

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Here it is Youtube, The first In depth Review of the Ho scale intermountain es44dc GEVO or in this case the norfolk southern ES40DC. I ordered number 7519 with sound and dcc, although note that the non sound model will feature a dcc decoder as well. The quality of the model is great! the paint and details are fantastic! It does not weigh much, but It will pull a fairly large amount of rolling stock as needed. I have a video of this available on my channel. I got this model from ulrich models, and it took just a few days from when they got it. I am very happy with intermountain and ulrich models. If i plan to get more trains in the future, i will definitely get it from them. There are many things i like about this locomotive, the radiator section of the GEVO es44ac es44dc es40dc look great, and the fans and moldings all look good. the piping and MU hoses on the locomotive look good as well. Prototypically, this locomotive is great. THe handrails, windows, trucks, and many other details are correct to the prototype. This also includes both the front and rear ditch lights, as well as the high headlight. Unlike the previous run, the lights are very bright and look fantastic! This new run is much improved from the old one. The only prototypical complaint I have is that the ditch lights do not oscillate, like the prototype in real life does. There were three problems i noticed when i received the locomotive. the horn was crooked, the ditch lights were not seated correctly, and the horn was a bit sideways. While this is disappointing, I was able to fix all three issues without any tools and in little time. I will have a follow up video on this locomotive this weekend. There is not much paperwork in the box as far as a manual is concerned, but there is a lot of information available online. Complaints: -minor problems out of the box (were fixed easily) -ditch lights do not flash as the prototype does -Handrails are firm, but will break easily -electrical wires are able to be seen fairly easily -Trucks wobble, and the paint does not match exactly to body Overall opinion: -GREAT MODEL -best model of es40dc out there on the market -despite few issues, it is a high quality model and one of the best in my train fleet -detail is extremely thorough and looks great -could not really ask for a better model thanks for watching


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