N Scale Mini Layout Build Part 7: Building a Road

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In this video I work on building a road from the lower level up to the upper level. Most of the video is time-lapse video accompanied by overly dramatic background music.

The foam road base was first covered by a layer of Woodland Scenics Smooth-It.

Woodland Scenics Smooth It: http://amzn.to/2oLbtH9 (amazon affiliate link)

That first layer was sanded when dry, then two more layers (only one extra layer is shown in the video) were added, each subsequent layer having less coverage, and only filling in little dips or holes. The end result was a very smooth road surface. The Smooth-It isn’t very dusty when sanded. It seems to produce a heavier, thicker material when sanded, and there wasn’t really any air-borne dust that I noticed. Nothing outside the immediate area sanded became covered with any plaster dust which was nice.

Once fully dry, the road area was masked off with tape and random objects laying in the garage and nearby recycling bin. The road was then spray bombed with four different colors of gray paint. Keep plenty of ventilation in place if doing this, and wear a good mask! I put down a few coats of paint, each lighter than the previous, and sanded a bit in between coats. The final layer was then sanded to produce a very nice smooth finish.

I used the Woodland Scenics flexi strip and road marking pens to paint the lines. The yellow pen worked great. The white pen had a partially dislodged tip (probably happened when shaking), and so most of the paint spilled out prior to use (luckily no on the layout). So, I will have to buy another white pen before I can finish the road striping on this section of road.


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