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This also comes with 303 Model Railroading Answers to questions on DCC conversion, detailing techniques, train maintenance, scratch building construction, technical topics and much more. These are real answers to real questions submitted by readers
Here is my very first modern home made model railway diorama layout that I built! Featuring an Imax Cinema, Kato high rise buildings, a lake, a car dealership, a shopping retail park, a hotel, haulage company and more! It also has an international airport that I will name Heathwick Airport! (Heathrow & Gatwick play on words) It is a fictitious and mostly modern town, and has some elements of Japan, America and Britain about it. I hope you enjoy my mini movie style video! PLEASE VISIT MY BLOG PAGE TO SEE ME
Profile Boards™ (ST1419)
Paving Tape™ (ST1455)
Smooth-It™ (1 qt.) (ST1452)
Foam Sheets (ST1422-ST1427)
Plaster Cloth (C1203)
Top Coat™ Asphalt (4 oz.) (ST1453)
Top Coat™ Concrete (4 oz.) (ST1454)
Low Temp Foam Glue Gun (ST1445)
Tunnel Portals (C1155-C1157, C1255-C1257, C1266, C1267)
Retaining Walls (C1158-C1161, C1258-C1261)
Culverts (C1162-C1165, C1262-1265)
Earth Colors™ Kit (C1215)
Ballast (B70-B90, B94, B1372-B1395)
Talus (C1270-C1285)
Fine Turf (T41-T46, T1341-1346)
Blended Turf (T49,T50, T1349, T1350)
Coarse Turf (T60-T65, T1353-T1356, T1361-T1366)
Field Grass (FG171-FG174)
Trees (TR3501-TR3600, TR1560-TR1588, TR1601-TR1628
Buildings (BR4921-BR4937, BR5021-BR5048, BR5841-5849, PF5181-5192, PF5200-PF5210, PF5890-PF5895)
The Scenery Manual (C1207)
SubTerrain Manual (ST1402)
The Clinic (DVD) (R970)
SubTerrain: Build A Layout Fast and Easy – (DVD) (ST1400)
SubTerrain Scenery Kit™ (S929)
Mountain Valley Scenery Kit® (S928)
Scenic Ridge® N Scale Lightweight Layout Kit (ST1482)
Grand Valley™ HO Scale Layout Kit (ST1483


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