Terrific Trees using Woodland Scenics Armatures (It is possible!) – Model Scenery Tutorial

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The problem with the Woodland Scenics Armatures is they tend to all look the same and if you don’t take the time to change them up a little it’s glaringly obvious they are all the same tree mold. But not anymore!

With a little bit of effort and the right materials you can get the Woodland Scenics Tree Armatures looking absolutely amazing! Heki natural dry trees also know as seamoss are perfect for adding the canopy structure and are an absolute must when it comes to modeling a eucalyptus tree, the Heki trees can be purchased from Australian Modeller if you are in Australia.

Overseas the Heki seamoss is also referred to as Seafoam which is sold by Gaugemaster (Noch) and in the U.S. it can be purchased from Scenic Express in very large bags and is called ‘Super Trees’.

These trees also feature in Realistic Scenery Volume 10 – building an awesome bridge, they work well as detailed foreground trees and you only need a few of them to really transform your model railway layout or diorama. They are quite a fragile tree so they may not work so well for a travelling wargaming setup but for a home table they would work well.

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