Hornby Model Trains – A Treasured Model Train

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Hornby Model Trains – A Treasured Model Train

Generations of model railroads enthusiasts have cherished owning Hornby model trains. Due to the fact that Hornby trains have been around for over 80 years, they are still loved by both collectors and modern model railroad enthusiasts. As a matter of fact the OO scale of Hornby model railroads are still a very popular scale enjoyed in England. Hornby OO gauge trains allow a person the benefits of being able to have a nice train arrangement and still be able to easily handle the trains and view them. Plus, the large variety of trains and accessories available in the OO scale allow them to meet the desires of a lot of model railroad hobbyists.

Hornby has a long history and is largely popular. Frank Hornby founded Meccano Ltd., the forerunner to today’s “Hornby Hobbies” company; in 1908 to manufacture model toys. In 1901 he was able to obtain a patent for ‘Improvements in Toy or Educational Devices for Children and Young People.’ The first set of toys Meccano made was a educational Hornby set designed for use in schools. In 1920, Meccano introduced the first Hornby branded train.

Many people feel that Hornby model trains are tantamount to their OO gauge trains, known as ‘Hornby Dublo.’ The OO gauge trains, with a scale of 1:76.2 (4 mm equals 1 foot), is a wonderful collection of locomotives, carriages, and wagons which were manufactured from 1938 until 1963. It took 12 vdc for power and ran on a 3-rail track. This gauge continues to be popular in England, while in the rest of the world the HO gauge is the most popular Hornby Dublo. Hornby is also related to the well liked Tri-ang Hornby line of model trains. Model railroad hobbyists and collectors alike still love both lines of Hornby model railroads.

Even in today’s market, Hornby Hobbies of Kent, UK manufacturers’ a large variety of OO and N gauge models, including a complete line of OO gauge locomotives, rolling stock, and controllers. Enthusiasts and collectors can complement their OO model trains with the Skaledale line of buildings, autos, scenic accessories, and track accessories For those that prefer the N scale model trains, Lyddle End produces a line of Hornby buildings.

There is also controversy lurking in the history of Hornby and the OO scale model railroads. You can use the same gauge track for both the OO scale model trains and the HO scale model trains. However, this 16.5 mm gauge track was only intended to be used for the HO scale of 1:87. The controversy lies in the fact that the OO scale model trains with a scale of 1:76 are able to use the track scaled at 1:87. This inconsistency makes some enthusiasts claim that the OO gauge railroads are intrinsically out of scale. No matter why these trains can be used on a different track, the joy enthusiasts get from working with the OO gauge trains overshadows the concern about any inaccuracies in scale.

Even though they are the most popular for both collectors and enthusiasts alike, Hornby model trains and the OO scale only make up a small portion of the model railroad world. Even though Hornby Dublo and Tri-Ang trains remain popular with collectors, Hornby products are evolving with the time to meet the needs of enthusiasts. On the market today, enthusiasts and collectors can find a full line of OO and N gauge kits, trains, and accessories. One popular item in this line of products is the Hornby Flying Scotsman. Even with advancements, Hornby trains and their OO scale remain popular to a lot of model train enthusiasts.

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