LOCO RACE – Fictional story using a model railway

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I wanted to make a dramatic story set to music (with some sounds) about the steam race for speed. So I put two British steam locos together, and utilised my ‘mini film set’ (my 00 gauge train layout Calverton 4). It is set modern day, as some of the cars date from the 80s, and yet these locomotives were going for speed records around 75 years ago (2013). The two trains used here are A4 Falcon (Mallard at the very start), and City of Chester.

In real life, the A4 Pacific Mallard did in fact achieve 126.1mph on 3rd July 1938, a record that still holds to this day (2013). This movie is a celebration of that fact. A Coronation class reached 114mph.

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Today (the day of posting) was when Frank Hornby was born 150 years ago.
Music is ‘Magneto’ from X-Men First Class.

No locomotives are kept in my shed, neither any rolling stock. This is to stop moisture making it go rusty, and also in case anything gets stolen. There is nothing of value in there, only simple modelling tools, spare scenery, glues, and magazines, and my layout itself, plus two cheap controllers. I don’t even lock my shed, to save the door getting wrecked. Let’s face it, how secure is a shed anyway? We do have neighbourhood watch, and plenty of neighbours at home at all times.
Internet search ‘Calvertfilm’.


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