OO Gauge Garden Railway.

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This is my OO gauge garden railway, it is a single track layout with a loop at each end with the aim to keep it simple, there are no points or sidings to keep maintenance down to a minimum,
it’s just so That I can sit in the conservatory and just have the train running all day. It is basically treated two by two stakes hammered into the soil, with lengths of decking fastened to them. The decking is painted with army surplus olive green paint so it blends into the surrounding bushes etc. after ballasting I sprayed it with weather proof PVA glue, then finally a couple of coats of artists out door spray varnish. This was done a few months ago and has lasted through rain and shine. Before running the trains, the track just requires a sweep with a hand brush then the rails rubbed. The track is Peco flexitrack and is weather proof. The station buildings are Kits and are kept in plastic storage boxes along with the rolling stock when not in use. I’ve tried to keep this project as cheap as possible so all the rolling stock is second hand. Thanks for watching.


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