Hornby R2379 Class 373 Eurostar Train Pack (OO Gauge) Review HD

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My review, set up and test drive of the Hornby R2379 Class 373 Eurostar six piece train pack. This train pack was released for a short while in 2006 which included the otherwise extra two intermediate first class carriages which makes the Eurostar a six part formation from this pack. While unlike the HO scale TGV train packs that are available from Lima, Jouef and Mehano, there are no additional articulated carriages available for this Eurostar model which is a shame as it would make for a impressive train if a full rake was made. The Eurostar is a TGV in its own right as this train connects London, Paris and Brussels together. Until the Channel Tunnel Rail Link opened in late 2007, the Class 373 Eurostar used to run from London Waterloo International on the 750 volt DC third rail system up to Ashford International when it would run through the Channel Tunnel into Mainland Europe on the 25kv overhead AC catenary system. Since the opening of London St Pancras International opened in 2007. It is believed that the former 750 volt DC third rail pickups and equipment has been removed from the Class 373 Eurostar trains. Meanwhile sticking to the model, the Hornby Class 373 Eurostar motor unit is an exceptional performer albeit the motor power car is a bit light to haul a decent sized train but this can be fixed with additional weight added to motor car to aid traction. But during the test drive, the model performed excellently at all speeds right down to a “creep” and not to forget that this is only running on analogue using a Gaugemaster Model D twin track train controller. The other modern image high speed train that was running on the inner line is my full six-car Hornby Class 395 Hitachi Javelin which is named as “Sir Steve Redgrave” and I have done a review on this set in a previous video just for those that are interested in seeing this review.

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Overall Rating: 9/10.


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