Model Railway Exhibition 2009 Part 4

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The Mid Essex Model Railway Club’s 32nd exhibition held at Shenfield High School, Brentwood Essex. 19th Sept 2009.

20. Silbeeke in Z gauge by Ann Sibley.
After aquiring several Belgian locomotives & rolling stock she decided to go ahead & build the Z gauge layout you see today.
Going to Belgium several times a year provided her with many pictures to give a clue to the look & feel.
Brian & Ann are also members of Modespoorvirienden Bruge.
The boards are secondhand – from a friend – with track by Marklin with many buildings from Kibri.

21. Wilelmshaussen in N gauge by Brian Sibley.
After building Koln Westbahnhof Brian decided to start on this one which, with the exception of the backscene, was sourced from materials already to hand – total cost £4.50.
Here is a small terminus, seeing a roughly hourly passenger service from Class 218 + Silver Linge coaches in traffic red livery.
Class 212 locomotives handle freight services – these feed the brewery at the rear of the station, & the small sawmill to the front.

23. Shanklin South in OO gauge by Ian Allington.
This represents a small fictitious station, located between Shanklin & Wroxhall on the Isle of Wight.
The mainstay of power being ex London Underground 1938 tube cars & BR class 03’s.
The era is 1967, to present day based on a terminus station with 2 sidings for engineer’s trains.
Tube stock was was utilised at the end of steam in 1966/7, due to the restricted access through the Ryde tunnel.
The first “Standard” cars were replaced by the 1938 stock seen – these fifty year old trains are still running 50 years after construction.
The bridge, platform furniture & tunnel are all ready built models, everything else is scratch built.
The layout is a truly micro one, & proves that fun layouts can be small.

25. Just Four in N gauge by John Cox.
This is his first layout that has stayed put after starting, & then dismantling, many times over the last few years.
It is not based on any particular location, and is built up from ideas gathered from many exhibitions.
It has been built with help & advice from the likes of Mick Tooth, Steve Farmer & the late, greatly missed modeller, Fred Johnson – it is based in the 1980’s to present.
The main High Street buildingswere modified by Fred, with a small market town scene provided by Mick.

26. Romley Midland in OO gauge by Richard Proudman.
A small market town renowned for its history in livestock markets & coal mining, sits in the heart of rural Yorkshire.
Romley Midland, once only seeing services from the LMS, now sees both LMS & LNER trains since the closure of Romley East.
Romley’s platforms play host to several passenger services with goods, cattle, parcels & coal workings all mixed into a typical day.
For a young spotter there is the chance to catch both LMS & LNER designs plus the odd BR Standard & futuristic diesel trains.
The adjacent exchange sidings see coal wagons being marshalled for tripping to the local pit for filling with black gold.

27. Saxlingham in EM gauge by Dave Tailby.
It is 1966 & Saxlingham represents a station on an imaginary line from Fakenham to Sheringham via Blakeney.
In 1953 the Blakeney to Sheringham section closed to all traffic, by 1964 passenger services had ceased from Fakenham to Blakeney.
From 1964 goods services were withdrawn from Blakeney, leaving a daily train from Fakenham to Saxlingham calling at Hindringham.
Main traffics are coal, sugar beet & other agricultural requirements.
Grain traffic collected at Balsham dries has to go via Saxlingham as all the sidings face Fakenham.
The line finally closed in 1968.

28. St Jude in OO gauge by Stu Davies.
Based on what happened to many branchlines in Southwest England after Beeching had been to work, St Jude is a single line terminus, a station that’s been reduced to the bare minimum.
No points, no signals, simply a length of track & a platform & not long away from total closure.
The stock is a couple of 121 DMU’s that have been detailed up, weathered & fitted with lights.
There is also a short loco hauled PW train to add a bit of welcome variety.
Control is by DCC which is probably unneccessary on something so simple but does mean sound can added in future if needed.
The track is OO gauge using C+L track.
It’s not the hardest layout in the world to operate!


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