Model Trains – Loco Depot Expirement

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Expiremented with put the camera on the Turntable and doing a full 360 shot, its not that good I’ll do a better one next time.
Around the turntable on this occassion is – Trainorama 932, Hornby 4472, Powerline 48123, AR Kits 604, Auscision EL52, Trainorama 4705, Austrains 8034, 8036, Classic Brass 4910, Austrains C509, C508, C502, Lima 42217, Austrains 8015, Bergs 8031, Lima 4457, Hornby 42110, Austrains 8028, 8041, 44240, Lima 4402, Proto2000 909, Powerline G512, Austrains 42104, Lima 959, Trainorama 4711, Lima 965, 931, 967, AR Kits 4502, Austrains 44222, Lima 42204, Austrains 8043, AR Kits 4513, Classic Brass 4913


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