Cato Pass Pt 2 – Premise Sci-Fi Model Railway Layout

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‘Cato Pass’ is my next sci-fi model railway project. Cato is a model rocketry term meaning ‘catastrophe at take off’. That is where the name is derived. It will measure 6ftx2ftx2ft and this will allow me to transport it in my car to shows – the main reason for building it – to get the idea seen more.

Model baseboard is being made by

Model Rail have twice allowed my sci-fi trains to appear in their magazine. Hornby are interested but I feel might need more evidence to actually go ahead and make this as a starter-set. Rapido thought the idea was great but they don’t make sets for kids. On the Model Rail FaceBook page my other layout, ‘Clash at North Ridge’ got 37,000 views and many great comments.

Normally I use Space Marines and Orks models as at 1/65th scale they are nearly the same as 1/76th 00 gauge. I am using them again. The idea is the Rocket Silo was built by the Space Marine, but the Orks captured it one day. Since then the Orks have been trying to launch the rocket/missile but they haven’t figured out how to work it. Meanwhile, above on the surface, the Space Marines gather their awakening forces to mount a counter-attack, and dive through the launch tube to get their silo back! So when this layout is being displayed in 40K mode (year 40,000) this is what it refers to.

But I also plan to sometime replace the rocket and characters with Steampunk ones on occasion. This will give it a peaceful rather than war-like appearance as the Victorian-esk Steampunkers go about their business preparing their steam-powered rocket for launch on it’s next trip to Opvarhom – the Outer-planetery vacation and relaxation Headquarters on Mars (Martian Holiday Camp).

Quote from Wiki: Steampunk is a multidisciplinary artistic movement, and subculture that re-imagines life in the age of steam, or makes aesthetic references to it. Spanning nearly every form of art, including literature, fashion, music, dance, fine art, movies, TV shows, and sculpture.

I have used one of my Estes flying model rockets (another big hobby of mine over the years) as it is for the 40K rocket. I have converted another Estes kit by adding Halloween black plastic straws, plastic sprue, and model details for the Steampunk variant.

Over the next few weeks I intend to build this layout, hopefully ready for a show at the end of November 2015. At Least to a finished level of sorts. As time goes on I wish to have smoke, lights and sounds too, to be operated by the audience.

I also plan to wear two costumes, one is a 40K t-shirt, the other is a Steampunk outfit with hat, fishtail coat, and of course the obligatory goggles (two pairs). Oh and a pocket watch too.

Should all be fun, and of course, that is what any hobby should be all about.

What is Steampunk? 10 mins:

Steampunk Action 5 mins:

Internet search ‘Calvertfilm’.


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