N Gauge Folding Model railway Part 6

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This is a video following the progress of my N Gauge layout, which is somewhat experimental in that it will fold in half, and be semi portable. Obviously in trying to keep the weight to a minimum etc. its almost impossible to get any rigidity and the whole thing is likely to flex and twist, the very last thing you need when you want reliable electrical connections and have delicate scenery. Here in part 6 I am experimenting by using sand paper to re-surface the road and I use decorators chalk to fix it in place which will hopefully give some degree of flexibility. I continue my experimenting with cheap home made tree armatures, and cheap coloured sawdust to use as foliage or scatter material. And finally I show my first attempt at scratch building a bridge which hopefully highlights to other beginners the danger in taking short cuts and not paying attention to the scale your working in. Even though I had 2 mm scale drawings of similar bridges (which I should have waited and got photocopied ) instead I rushed ahead and used a Peco portal to give me the basic size and clearance, not the best approach as you will see. Thank for watching, I hope you find something new or interesting, and thank you to all my new subscribers. (its like a little thank for the time it takes to put a video together)


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