Tutorial Tuesday – Episode 21 – How to make a track plan – Peco track plan book [REVIEW]

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Tutorial Tuesday – Episode 21 – How to make a model railway track plan – Peco track plan book [REVIEW]
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Olivier Gabin says:

I've bought it this month and, honestly, this is a must-have. I had bought others british books about railway modelling, including Cyril Freezer's classics at Peco, and I have always found good ideas in them.

This might sound like a cliché but, generally, compared to what I had seen in other railway modelling publications (France, Germany, Japan – for plans only, I don't read japanese – and USA), I have seen that british modellers have a certain kind of genius to find excellent ideas that sound simple, and provides great fun and original layouts for any kind of modellers. Even – I'd rahter said, especially – for space-constrained people like me. The shelf layout, utterly british, is, in my opinion, one of the greatest ideas ever found for railway modelling.

And you are following this tradition with your Youtube channel, thank you to share it with us.

Now, you can sing along "Land of Hope and Glory" to stay in tune if you want…

Wendell Parks says:

That is good that this book has a lot of shelf switching("shunting") track plans unlike most of the model railroad books/magazines here in The States. A lot more people would get involved with model railroading here in America if more people learn how to build a shelf switching layout versus a 4 foot by 8 foot(4X8) layout.

Van den dal says:

Thanks for that lad

Craig Christensen says:

Thanks for the nice quick and straight forward review.

Robert Goldsteen says:

I need a copy, cant find it or sale anywhere?

Nix Trains says:

Now thats one of those magazines; that are good for us! At a reasonable price & worth it.

NZT Photography says:

Myself I would just go for it! The more track the better.

Richy59 says:

Where did you buy it from? I’ve seen a few ‘track plan’ magazines in WHSmiths before, but not that specific one and usually cost quite a bit more than that.

David Sutton says:

Is there a track plan by chance of Milford Haven Docks available in there as I cannot find one on Peco's website.It used to be in earlier Setrack Plan books?If so would you mind posting a link for me?Thanks Dave,keep up these informative vids.

Hectictea 42 Productions says:

Plan No. 6 – the one with the small turntable – looks as if it's based on Bembridge on the Isle of Wight – has exactly the same trackplan and a turntable. How do I know? I live on the Island.

David Cutts says:

Thanks for a nice review on track plans. I do have this book but still coming up with my own plan using ideas & sections from the Peco book.

Nigel Carter says:

Great review

Beeton Hough Junction says:

another good video guys, I've bought a few of these books just to have a look at different track plans and what you can do with limited space, I also tried to mix and match them abit to see if I could come up with my own track plan with some of the plans or bits of them into one. thanks for sharing hopefully people will start thinking about joining the hobby with using one of these books cheers Beeton Hough Junction (Dave C)

Dave Marson says:

Think i will go up to my local newsagents and buy a copy

john slade says:

Yes that is very helpful to myself. Just ordered a new replacement shed. The problem to resolve is layout design, as the current plan is a very bad design. Thanks will get this asap.

Andrew Kiely says:

Always loved these types of books. Try Iain Rice's (not misspelled) plan book for fresh ways to get the most out of your space. It took me 40 years to realize that I would rather have 3 or 4 small layouts than one "dream layout" and now I'm having more fun than ever! Your channel certainly helped with that realization.

Kev says:

thanks for the tip, regards kev

Martin Butler says:

Your certainly right about the trial and error bit, this looks to be a very worthwhile book, ive had to change my plans for my 009 layout, and strangely, I'm also having sidings in the middle now just now waiting on some track joiners before I lay my track , can anyone advise on the best way to secure flexi track as part of the layout is on an embankment

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