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What You Need To Know About Model Railway Track Plan

Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Model Railway Track Planning.

Probably the most challenging model railway track plans are to create every thing based around a styled theme. You can decide on a lot of various themed styles to follow and create. You can replicate a specific time period from history. Some of the most well-known to create would be the wonderful era of the eighteen 100s which often see the train going through small rural towns and communities.

There are a lot of model train track plans. However these model train track plans are generally classified into 2 types: the continuous run styles as well as the modular types.

Listed Price: $44.80

Manufacturer: Kibri Art.-No. 37672 EAN: 4026602376721 Gauge N 1:160 N/Z Viaduct bridgeheads, 2 pcs Kit. Suitable for the viaducts item-No. 37663 – 37665 and the iron bridge item-No. 37667. Dimensions:… Read more…

When I first started with model railway trains, the only way to design the model railway track in those days would be to meticulously draw all of them out by hand. This meant any mistakes had to be erased or scribbled out and redone. This was somewhat of a hit and miss process which took a really very long time and a lot of ability to get just right. The problem was that even if you have drawn everything you believed were great plans, they would not at times work out perfectly in real life and modifications needed to be included because you’d made an error in the design.

Fast forward into the current day and this whole procedure has become a great deal easier by using specialist software, which are made for the purpose to assist you with producing your model railway track plans. In case you are not technical, fear not as these may range from quite simple pieces of point and then click software programs, right up to far more comprehensive bits of systems if that is what you might be considering.

Listed Price: $78.00

Manufacturer: Hack Art.-No. B28-2 EAN: 2000000054326 Gauge H0 1:87 Dimensions (LxW): 295 x 132 x 70 mm Delivery Date: 2009 Fischbauchbrücke, 2-gleisig, LxBxH 29,5 cm x 13,2 cm x 7,0 cm. Brücke aus f… Read more…

Computers have changed the way we look at everyday tasks and have made our lives a great deal less complicated and much easier in many ways. You might not have initially considered using a computer for creating your model train track plans, but specialized computer software can make the entire procedure much quicker and easier as well.

If you have completed planning your model train track plans on the computer, some software programs will even go so far as to allowing you to work out a detailed components lists that you could then take to your pastime store and purchase. This eliminates having to work this out by yourself, which is a very time-consuming process. The software could even be capable ofcalculating the approximated costs for you, so you can work out what you can achieve with your specific spending budget.

Listed Price: $75.99

Manufacturer: Kibri Art.-No. 39496 EAN: 4026602394961 Gauge H0 1:87 Power system all Dimensions (LxWxH): 27 x 12 x 11,3 cm Delivery Date: 2015 Railway station Maienfeld incl. house illumination start … Read more…

Using your computers mouse as you would to produce the model train track plans to begin with, it is simply a case of dragging and dropping components from your list on to you design plans and arranging them as you wish. It’s also possible to try out certain features in different colours, if you wanted to produce an autumn woodland scene, you could shade all of them with oranges, yellows and pinksreds and yellows.

*A folded eight track: This is among the most well-known model railway track plans. This plan has one track which operates around 2 ovals. It’s possible to run 2 trains on this track but you have to make sure that they will not crash.

Sale Price: $21.86

Truss Bridge. Gauge: H0. Length 180 mm / 7-3/32″. Width 64 mm / 1-5/16″. For straight sections of C track. Two truss bridges are the same length as the same length as the 24188 + 24172 track sections…. Read more…

* A main line terminus: This is one of the more intricate model train track plans. This plan allows the train that is leaving the station to choose any track through the two crossovers points. It also allows the inbound train to select any one out of the four platforms that are an integral part of this design. Besides these it also includes a loop siding meant for engines, coaches and carriage.

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* A round track with sidings and branches: This is one of the simplest model train track plans. When you are a beginner in the train modelling world this track plan is the very best for yourself.|Within this strategy you can run your train in a clockwise direction. The sidings are then used to receive the loco’s coaches on one part and it also has a goods shed on the other side.

Listed Price: $134.00

Manufacturer: Liliput Art.-No. CO4411 EAN: 2000000213166 Gauge H0 1:87 Delivery Date: Q4/2013 Moderne Instandsetzungshalle Scenecraft Fertigmodell aus Resin…. Read more…

* A terminus with a branch line: This track plan will make you nostalgic because it was used for steam loco’s. But this is one of the most fascinating model train track plans. You can easily add two trains and also freight trains within this model structure. Plus a goods engine shed, a loading bay several platforms and also a run around loop which can make this track more exciting.

Listed Price: $131.00

Manufacturer: Kibri Art.-No. 39514 EAN: 4026602395142 Gauge H0 1:87 Length: 66 cm Width: 14,5 cm Height: 19 cm Beleuchtung mit LED Yes Vorbild (Land) Deutschland Delivery Date: 2015 Railway station Ke… Read more…

I’ll guide you through the process of taking a small piece of foam and turning it into your next masterpiece. Even a small diorama that can fit in the palm of your hand can be full of detail and intrigue.

In this tutorial I’ll take you on a journey and show you some interesting techniques for getting great results when it comes to adding detail to very small areas, especially on a small diorama.

The techniques used here can easily be applied to all manners of modeling whether you specifically model dioramas or maybe you model war gaming terrain and for all those who build model railways that are HO scale, OO scale or even N scale and O scale then this video will be a good reference for your modeling should you decide to add some of these small intricate details.

*Materials List*

– BASE –
Glass dome display case – Most home depot stores have them otherwise eBay/Amazon
KNAUF Foam insulation board – Bunnings Warehouse (Australia)
Amaco Sculptamold
Jo Sonja’s Fawn
Jo Sonja’s Burnt Umber
Vallejo Black
Rustoleum Flat Black

Dirt Texture – 50/50 mix of a light colored dirt that has been sifted through a stocking and a lighter colored grout (Davco Tumbleweed was the color used).
Dirt Mound – Sifted dirt however it has not been mixed with grout, just used the natural color which is much darker and it has been sifted to provide two different grades (Fine – sifted through a strainer & Ultra fine – sifted through a stocking).
Static Grass – Mininature, 4-5mm Late Fall, 2mm Late Fall & 2mm Early Fall.
Leaves – Real dried leaves put into a blended and then sifted through a strainer to remove unwanted larger pieces.
Path – Weathered with Yellow Ochre Pastel

– TREE –
Salt Bush – A natural plant that grows mostly in desert areas. Sage Brush can be used as a good substitute or any other natural plant that has good definition in the trunk.

Tomb Stone:
Made using the Anet A8 3D printer and a free design program called

Chain Barrier:
0.8mm (size of each individual link) Jewelry Necklace
Ferric Chloride – Used to weather and darken the necklace
Basswood – 0.0416 x 0.0416 inches, Midwest Products
India Ink – Used to weather posts
32 gauge jewelry wire – Used to create small loops at top of post

Basswood – 0.0208 x 0.0416 (Uprights) & 0.0208 x 0.0208 (Cross Steps) Midwest Products
Vallejo Light Mud – Main color of ladder
Vallejo English Uniform – Color used to weather the ladder
Super Glue used to assemble ladder

Wheel Barrow:
From the Bachmann HO scale construction workers package

Man Digging:
From the Preiser track workers package

Man in grave:
A figure from a cheap bulk pack of figures ordered from eBay (China) – Repainted to look much better

Open Grave:
Assembled with pieces of strip wood ‘North East Scale
Lumber Co.’ HO scale 2” x 4” Weathered with India Ink diluted in water

Home made Static Grass Applicator –
Home made Hot Wire Foam Cutter –
Anet A8 3D Printer
MicroMark Chop-It
Iwata Revolution Airbrush
Pin Vice
Sand paper – Various grades
Paint Brushes – Various types
Jewelers Files

Mod Podge Matte
Isopropyl Alcohol
Helmars Super Tac Glue
Selleys Super Glue – With brush

YouTube audio library
Rhodesia by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Wheels by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Premium Beat – Green Screen


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