Starting from scratch Garage model railway Layout in OO gauge

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This is an introduction video to my channel “Western Centurion”

And, my first attempt at an 00 gauge model railway layout which will be situated in the garage, with a great size of 22 feet by 11 feet, plenty of room to play about with.

I’m hoping that this will be the first of many videos which will be used to take us all on that great adventure of building a model railway layout from scratch.

There will be plenty of obstacles to over come and it’s here where I hope all you subscribers can help and have your own ideas added to the layout.

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rally says:

Put your bridge on a pully system to raise it up level

g2macs says:

Your gonna have to keep an eye on your temperature and humidity. The chip board
will act like a sponge over the years and you will have to resign yourself to maybe
replacing the top due to warping.

GothicKittyMadness says:

i bet your misses has some "adult toys" of her own… 😉

Peter Shaw says:

Now that looks fab. and runs so smoothly , must be good to run some trains ……Peter

Pippin Junction says:

i am really enjoying your videos keep them up

Why Not? says:

100th like!

artyfarty3 says:

get a "rolla'door"   for Your garage   🙂

Life After Work says:

Mark, This is a revisit to the your first post, preemptive to watching your current video , "the official completion of the garage refit". Night and day, and great results from all the hard work. Regards, Solomon

R Kolner says:

its dusty place ?

Hot Rod Rodney says:

my dad and I used a old table top type board with two board braces already attracted to make it stronger in middle works perfectly going side to side between two sections for a lift out/slide out removeable bridge section, or there's video's on you-tube for swing bridges,drop down bridges,lift up bridges,swinging door bridges
just trying to help ya out
good luck

300leothelion says:

Adult toys? Lol. 1.35. I did chuckle when you said that. 😀

Games202 says:

Iam glad to see lot of people in the I have two westerns red /maroon and blue
And the contry part should be some where in Cornwall or the dawlish coast?

ashleenaaaa says:


ashleenaaaa says:

great job on doing mine

befrank88 says:

Just one thought…… You talked about a tunnel along the back wall. If you don't have access to the back and you have a derailment you would have a heck of a time fixing the problem. Now obviously you can carefully test your track before building the tunnel but I would still want some way of retrieving my train without any damage. One way would be to design your tunnel with the top being made as a lift off section(s). That might be hard to make the tunnel look right. Either that or the tunnel being short enough so you ca reach in from each end, but with my big hands the tunnel portals would be too small to do it that way.

ashleenaaaa says:

looking good just started mine

avlisk says:

Best of luck with the hobby, there isn't a better one. The best piece of advice I can give you from over 5 decades of experience is this: NO DUCKUNDERS, EVER! They were annoying when I was 15. They were a major impediment when I was 35. They are impossible now that I am 65. But I learned my lesson at 35. Don't be afraid to build anything. If you don't like something, you can always change it. Remember to measure once and cut twice, as it greatly increases the effective space, making a lot more work in a small space as you make mistakes and have to change things. And the most important thing I've learned is, you can never have too many locomotives.

jamles101 says:


Chippingford Central says:

Nice to see someone else in my position – first layout, loved trains since I was a child. Started planning last year and finally got into it this autumn. Have subscribed to you. Check out my first build dude. Cheers. Ivi

The Shade Tree Fix-it Man says:

Looking forward to following your progress. I am in the early stages of building my layout as well and as you are finding, it is ever changing.

kevintregunna says:

Hi  Mark thanks very much for your sub to Penwithers the home of the western in Cornwall nice to see a fellow Western fan , will take a look at your other videos Later cheers Kevin

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