Building a Model Railway – Part 17 – Continuing the shed build

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In this part I finish the windows, add lights and get the shed onto the layout.

You can read about the layout in the current issue of Hornby Magazine.

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

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caroline hill says:

absolute brilliant work if I won the lottery I would like to pay you to come to my house and do one for me well done mate

caroline hill says:

absolute brilliant work if I won the lottery I would like to pay you to come to my house and do one for me well done mate

caroline hill says:

absolute brilliant work if I won the lottery I would like to pay you to come to my house and do one for me well done mate

leddie leady says:

had you bought that building ready made, you would have had to have taken out a "small" mortgage out on it. very, very impressive.

Harold Smuck says:

Looking really great mate,  very impressive.

Jason Owen says:

Question: Where did you find those 'Surface Mounted LEDs'? Just what I'm looking for! Btw, really looking forward to seeing what you do with next layout. Everard Mk2? More power to your modelling elbow!

Mr Moonwalker says:

I'm new here I'm only ten but I'm addicted to model trains! I am currently planning my railway and hope it will turn out as good as yours. You have really inspired me with how detailed it is. From whole buildings to tiny signs you have really made this as detailed as possible. Congrats for getting in the magazine. All the best Ozzie

Dermot Ryan says:

absolutely fantastic series. such knowledge enthusiasm and warmth. That's why you are so popular. well done

Iceplague says:

I recently subscribed and I do have to say, this is really amazing work with the layout, big congrats on getting the layout in to the magazine.
Love the scratch built shed. Though I would love to see one detail, as the shed is so long and since I've been a safety representative, I'd like to see a few doors on the sides, for quicker and easier access from the sides and also considering the fire safety for the workers. 😉
Also, thank you for inspiring me to finally start my own layout, these tutorial "How to" videos have really given me a lot of ideas and inspiration and has shown that in the end, it ain't that hard.
Have gotten the approval of my wifey as well (finally), so during the coming summer, it's time to start work with the layout. The planning stage is complete, now to save some cash to get the materials.
Keep up the great work! 🙂
/Jan-Joel, Sweden

Frank Kopke says:

WOW! What more can one say?

wayne watson says:

Well done for the article. I just join the "Junction" a few months ago. You do some outstanding work sir! I'm playing a bit of catch up to the past videos, but I am in love with the job you did building the carriage shed. Awesome job! You also gave me heat attack when I came a cross the video when you started taking the layout apart! I understand your reasoning though, and I can't wait to see and follow the rebuild of the new "Junction".

JLF TF2 says:


1VperOctave says:

I have been watching this entire series in awe. Your skill, patience and attention to detail are very impressive. Congratulations on the magazine spread 🙂

Hungry Guy says:

Are you gonna weather the windows? I know you want to see into the shed, but irl most if not all industrial warehouse buildings the windows are so grimy and dirty that you can't even see through them. Oh, and congrats on getting your railroad in a magazine!

Jaden Uren says:

How long is the shed. Your layout is amazing keep up the great work

swayteca says:

wow, wow, wow magnificent!!! great job.

Scott Brandt says:

Well done
I am getting a room in my house cleared out so I can set up my train Iv had since 1980 HO scale
and I also have an old Lionel scale set too iv had since the mid 1970s

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