Large Private Model Railroad RR HO H.O. Scale Gauge Train Layout of Bill Otter ‘s awesome trains

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Bill Otter, a former Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Employee who used to work in the Operations Department. Well today he shares his awesome HO Scale / Gauge Model Railroad train layout he calls “ The Geneva & NorthWestern Railroad aka Papa Choo Choo’s Railroad ”.

I’ve affectionately called this layout the “ Triple Decker Layout ” because this is one full size layout, on top of another full size layout, on top of another full size layout. The layouts connect with each other in another room that looks like a cork screw of track between the levels. But it’s not over yet, as the layout moves to another room with a beautiful mountain view.

Bill started the layout in 1993. This layout includes 6 divisions with locations to resemble Chicago, Colorado, Florida, Milwaukee, Seattle, Tacoma, and Wyoming.

Every area on the layout is complete. The engines, cars, and scenery on the layout are of the highest quality, add realism, and just a wonderful experience to view.

This is just amazing!

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

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Craig Lumpy Lemke says:

Needless to say and incredibly complex layout. I'm getting a little seasick with the camera movement could you callm that down a bit please? Thanks for crawling around under that monster layout.

George Burd says:

That's nice

Phillip S. English says:

W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Kelly says:

Absolutely stunning!!! The amount of detail is almost beyond words!! The word WOW is wholly inadequate when describing this layout!! Thanks for sharing. Although I wish you could have mounted a camera on a locomotive and run the locomotive around the entire layout! But, I did enjoy the video very much!

Matt Brinson says:

Is the dcc or straight dc

Lake Shore Model Railroad Association says:

One I shall have something like that at home for myself. Until then I run at the club as much as I can.

Jacob Oliver says:

HOLY CRIPEOLA!!! THIS IS LIKE, EVREYBODY'S PIPE DREAM LAYOUT!!! THIS-IS-FREAKING-AWESOME!! But no, I've spent a year already on a 4×8 and I'm not even at scenery yet, so I appreciate the work that went into this. Especially when you consider it's wired for DC. That would be a pain in the but to convert to DCC, but it would sure be worth it in the end. Still though, absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!

Diljit Singh says:

We all have a dream of doing something like this but actually done that, Amazing.

bernard dzialach says:

Ugh! These U.S trains moved in the polluting diesel. "Caugh! caugh! caugh!"

Chris P. Bacon says:

Triple layers would of never thought to do that. Just incredible the detail in the models themselves and also the way all the industries combine with each other. He certainly has a wonderful understanding wife I just hope his furnace is half as good as her. Can you imagine replacing it with a new one?

Donald Duck Plays says:

Where I live in NEW York there's a train yard nearby and I can the horns of the trains

Shae Tallent says:

surely God will allow trains in heaven.I just know he will.

Glen M says:

A True labor of love. Bill is "The Train Man".

SCH Action Films says:

Holy… this is unbelievable. I wish I had something like that

rich9024 says:

My grand kids call me "Papa-Choo-Choo" too. How does one get a sign like the one in your video?

Steve Ciani says:

Wow! I don't have the words. I've looked at so many of these layouts but this is in a class by itself. The only thing more amazing than the layout itself is the incredible amount of knowledge in that man's head. Very complex layout without being overly dense to the point of confusion. If I could only point out ONE remarkable thing it would be that this has got to be the only layout anywhere to have a completely "scened" helix. Truly Amazing.

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