HO Scale CSX Model Train Compilation!

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Coverage from the East Coast HO Exhibitors Society model train display at Harvest Festival in Miami, FL.

We run many versions of local CSX freight trains, and end up with a fair share of separations and derailments. A lot of what we ran had train car counts so long they push the limits of the ScaleTrains motors and also what we are allowed to pull on the layout lol. But nonetheless enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for 7000 subs!

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Perich29 says:

I could stay at the musium all day.

The Kurt's Place Channel says:

Very nice video and fun to watch. Have a nice day.

Luis Jesus Ramos says:

I wil kill you all

Luis Jesus Ramos says:

You fucking rat

Portesi says:

anyone else come here because of the thumbnail?

System6 RailFanner says:

cool! I like it! wish I could have some CSX locomotives like that. So what camera did you use that was small enough to fit on the layout and in 60fps?

Albert Cyphers says:

Even HO CSX can't stay on the rails

Jacob Davenport says:

Is ho the same to Oo ??????????

Setyawan Tulus Raharjo Saminista 67 says:

Funny,sweet train

Ladyscharm says:

This was awesome. My father had a H.O. scale set. On the derailments, you should have just dispatched emergency response crews and let it sit like an accident investigation.

Constanza González Carrasco says:

came for the thumbnail

Michael Allen says:


Robert Bowman says:

What company makes those orange cars at 4:14 on the head of this train?

Nathan Anthony says:

Like your trains

Just Australian Railfanning says:

This is normal for Cancer Spreading Xpress.

Sk Pasha Billa says:

Can you suggest me were I get this

Sk Pasha Billa says:

Hi were get this csx unboxing too play for my kids

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